Adi Jaffe, Ph.D., On Wellness Addiction, Shame & What It Really Takes To Transform Your Life

mbg Founder & Co-CEO By Jason Wachob
mbg Founder & Co-CEO
Jason is the Founder and Co-CEO of mindbodygreen and the author of Wellth.

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Adi Jaffe, Ph.D., is a world-renowned mental health expert, the CEO of IGNTD, and the host of the IGNTD Podcast. His new book, The Abstinence Myth, is all about overcoming addiction and transforming your life without judgment or shame. Dr. Jaffe is well-known for questioning the status quo and the rules we've been living by when it comes to addiction and sobriety. His wife, Sophie Jaffe, is the woman behind Philosophie, a line of superfoods that are designed to promote health from the inside out.

In this episode of the mbg podcast, I sit down with Dr. Jaffe to talk about his journey from dealing drugs and using meth to get through exams during college to becoming a researcher, lecturer, author, and successful entrepreneur. He gets candid about what he learned about life and humanity from spending an entire year in jail.

Today, Dr. Jaffe's goal is to help as many people as possible recover from their own addictions and improve their lives. His approach is unique in that it doesn't always require a person to quit their addiction first. Instead, he works on improving other issues first so that the person has built enough confidence and has the internal and external resources to get rid of whatever substance, activity, or toxic behavior they are leaning on. This episode is a must listen for anyone struggling with addiction, who has a loved one that struggles with addiction, or who wants to radically transform their life.

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