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The Ultimate Guide To Male Nipple Play (Yes, Men's Nipples Can Be Sensitive Too)

Kesiena Boom, M.S.
May 20, 2021
Kesiena Boom, M.S.
By Kesiena Boom, M.S.
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Kesiena Boom, M.S., is a sociologist and writer. She has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of Manchester and a master’s degree in Gender Studies from Lund University.

Nipples! People of all genders have them, but when it comes to sex and pleasure, the focus is normally laid on women's nipples only. So let's dive into the less commonly explored world of (cisgender) male nipples, including the common misconceptions, tips and tricks, orgasmic potential, and how to ask for a little nipple attention in the bedroom.

Common misconceptions about male nipples. 

Male nipples are often overlooked when it comes to sex, with their female counterparts hogging the limelight. Why is this? It may have something to do with the fact that thanks to misogyny, women's bodies are more heavily and readily sexualized than men's bodies, ergo women's nipples are never seen as simply a functional body part (hi, breastfeeding!) but only as sexual focal points. It may also be that since cis men's nipples do not serve a practical nutrition-related purpose in the same way as cis women's do, they're regarded as superfluous and therefore not worthy of attention. Either way, these patterns do a disservice to all people's bodies.

"The most common misconception about male nipples is that they are not as sensitive as women's nipples. This is simply not true," says sex coach Danielle Harel, Ph.D. "In fact, there are some men who need nipple stimulation in order to come or to be able to come more quickly or intensely."

One 2018 study found 52% of men ages 18 to 22 found nipple stimulation sexually arousing, whether enhancing arousal or actually triggering it.

Women who sleep with men might avoid their partners' nipples, as they're not aware that they're a possible powerful erogenous zone in the same way that they can be for women. Even men who sleep with other men might be a little wary of engaging with their partners' nipples if they personally don't have much sensation and assume it's the same for other guys. But don't leave men's nipples out in the cold! They, too, are worthy of some extra TLC. 

Male nipple play techniques to try.


  1. Brushing: Brushing the nipples lightly with the tips of your fingers can feel extremely pleasurable. You can vary the pressure as you see how your partner responds.
  2. Pinching: Squeeze between the thumb and forefinger, and gently yank them toward you. 
  3. Flicking: Flicking can create a sting that can be very sexy if your partner is already suitably aroused. Try a lot of softer flicks within a short space of time or harder but more spaced-out flicks.
  4. Scratching: "You can also scratch across them or press on them directly," suggests sex coach Celeste Hirschman.
  5. The double-finger technique: Certified sex therapist Janet Brito, Ph.D., LCSW, recommends this technique: "With two of your fingers, apply direct pinching to the nipple, making small circles around the nipple or to twist back and forth. After, apply light or quick strokes with the tip of your finger or tongue."


  1. Licking: Licking can be a surefire hit. Experiment with making your tongue hard and soft, and vary the pressure, speed, and direction. Start by kissing around the chest, and work your way to the nipple. You can take the nipple between your lips and kind of "make out" with it. Check to see how your partner responds. 
  2. Sucking: The technique that you might use to suck someone's clit can be transferred pretty seamlessly over to a nipple. Create a small vacuum around the nipple and then run your tongue over it. Good stuff!  
  3. Biting: You should ask your partner beforehand how they feel about a nibble of the nipple, but if they're game, then biting can be used for maximum sensation. It's especially effective at moments near climax. Just be careful not to use too much force. 


  1. Bring in pervertibles: In the world of BDSM, everyday objects that are used for kink or sex purposes are called "pervertibles." Nipple play is ripe for the use of pervertibles. For example, relationship and sexuality coach Renee Adolphe recommends using a "handy hair clip or clothespin" to apply pressure to your partner's nipples. "I recommend starting off slowly and building up," she says. 
  2. Try temperature play: Temperature play can be especially arousing when applied to the nipples. "Use ice, drip hot candle wax, or even warming oil and massage his chest and nipples," says Adolphe. 
  3. Use nipple clamps: "Nipple clamps are a great option as they can be put on loosely or tightly and can even vibrate." In order to add to the fun, make it a date in which you go out and "both get to choose together" the particular clamps you'd like to try. "They can even vibrate!" recommends Adolphe.  
  4. Add food to the mix: "Get some tasty treats like whipped cream or melted chocolate to lick off your partner's nipples for added enjoyment," says Anna Dow, LMFT.
  5. Use vibrators: Even though nipples are the focus, using non-nipple-centric toys can add to the experience. Adolphe suggests using a vibrator on the nipple to see how that feels for him.
  6. Try power play: For example, Adolphe suggests, "If you and your partner are into kink, try tying him up (with consent first!), then while tied you can try using a vibrator as well. To make it even more exciting, put an eye mask on him while tied." 

(For a little more inspo, here are some sex toys for couples to try.)

Can men orgasm from nipple play?

In the same way that some women can orgasm from nipple play alone, some men are capable of the same phenomenon.

"For some men, there is a direct link between the nerves in their nipples and sensations in their penis," says Hirschman. "Men can get an erection from nipple play and might even orgasm from nipple stimulation alone."

To make this type of orgasm happen, Hirschman says you'll likely have to find the sensation patterns that your partner feels most aroused by and then be willing to stick with those for a while. "A nipplegasm may take longer than it would if he was getting direct stimulation to his penis and his nipples at the same time," she explains. "Some men will like a variety of stimulation, while others will need one type of stimulation for a while. In order to get his perfect combo, ask him to show you how he touches his own nipples or how he might like you to touch them."

Lori Lawrenz, Psy.D., a clinical psychologist with a specialization in sexual health, adds that "increasing the level of stimulation to the nipple while giving verbal stimulation in their ear may enhance one's ability to orgasm through nipple play."

How to ask for nipple play.

"The best way to ask for something in bed is to be straightforward about it," Harel says.

She recommends saying something like: I actually have a lot of sensation in my nipples, so, if you are down for it, I'd love it if you would touch or bite them, but only do it if you want to.

"If you give your partner a lot of choices, then you won't feel like they are doing something they don't want to do, and this may lower your nervousness," she adds.

If you're nervous about bringing this up to any partners, Dow also recommends sharing articles (like this one!) about male nipple play with them to open a conversation. "Looking at research and articles related to male nipple play can help normalize that it's an erogenous zone for men, too, and that it's common for men to enjoy that erogenous zone getting some attention."

Men's nipples have been ignored for too long. So get out there and love up on your man (or next man's) nipples!

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Kesiena Boom, M.S.

Kesiena Boom, M.S., is a sociologist, writer, and poet. She has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of Manchester and a master’s degree in Gender Studies from Lund University. Her work has been featured at Slate, Buzzfeed, Vice, Autostraddle, and elsewhere. Her writing focuses on sex, pleasure, queer experience and community, feminist theory and practice, and race and anti-racism.