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This Integrative Medicine Doctor Put Personalized Supplement Packs To The Test
Image by Rigr Centrum
August 26, 2020

I am really careful about taking supplements as I know that more is not always better. As a physician, I often see people experiencing side effects or adverse reactions from taking supplements and medications because they're either taking too many or self-prescribing the wrong kind. Studies really don't support taking a significant amount of supplements, especially if they are not tailored to your health! 

Therefore, I'm very picky and a minimalist with my personal supplement routine—my goal is to be super consistent with taking the right supplements for my body rather than putting a bunch of supplements into a routine that I know I won't stick with.

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Like so many people, I've been feeling more stressed this year, and my sleep is often interrupted—quarantine dreams are real! I started to think about the advice I have given my patients and friends during this time and how I could apply it to my own life (yep, even M.D.'s forget to prioritize their health from time to time!). I'm a big believer that, with the right tools, we don't have to internalize outside stress, and supplements and lifestyle tweaks are two of my go-to tools. 

I decided to try Rigr Centrum's RigrPrint because I was intrigued by the idea of a holistic approach to supplementation and their claim—"A revolutionary wellness tool that provides a holistic analysis, wellness plan and supplement recommendation tailored to your unique needs"—really spoke to me. 

This is something I always recommend my patients do—get a holistic analysis before just picking supplements randomly. So, I signed up and filled out the questionnaire. It took less than five minutes, I was pleasantly surprised that it covered a lot in a short time, and at the end, they picked out the supplements that were right for me, along with suggestions on lifestyle tweaks to make.

RigrPrint chose magnesium and L-theanine for me—both of which I have tried before separately but never in combination. 

Image by Rigr Centrum

When the supplements arrived, I immediately loved that they came in convenient packets. This is key for me because I'm always busy and often forget to take supplements, even though I know consistency is so important. Rigr also sent a lot of follow-up emails for tips and ideas to stay committed to the supplements and a healthy plan in general. These two things ensured that I actually took my supplements every day, and—no surprise—my results were far better because of it. 

Overall, the process is simple, and I enjoyed getting a personal recommendation that included both supplements and easy-to-apply lifestyle tips like getting plenty of H20 and limiting exposure to blue light or using blue-light-blocking glasses. 

As a result, I have started to feel an improvement in sleep and stress levels over the past few weeks. Given that the only changes I made were adding the Rigr supplements to my daily routine and making some lifestyle tweaks as recommended, I can only assume it was RigrPrint that helped me get there! 

Overall, this is a really simple, effective personalization service that I would recommend to anyone who has small niggling health issues, like stress, energy loss, or athletic performance issues that they want to get on top of.  

To try Rigr Centrum at home today, use code MBG50 to get 50% off your first month of Rigr Centrum supplements!

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