How To Eat Plant Based When You Eat All The Things

Senior Branded Content Editor By Krista Soriano
Senior Branded Content Editor
Krista Soriano is the Senior Branded Content Editor at mindbodygreen.

Image by Hannah Schwob

Welcome to our first-ever segment of So What?, where we follow along as wellness and lifestyle blogger Minna Lee makes sense of some of the hottest sustainability topics today.

Our planet is experiencing some big, real-time challenges, and we know it’s unrealistic to right this ship overnight. But easy, doable steps that steer us in the right direction every day do exist—simply choosing Earth-friendly foods like So Delicious Dairy Free beverages and desserts is one way to get on it.

Up first, Minna gets a fresh perspective on plant-based eating, plus some practical tips on actually making it happen for those who love eating all the things.

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