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7 Fun Ideas To Spice Up Your Breakfast Routine

July 17, 2015

Whether you're bored with your current breakfast routine — or worse — are in the habit of skipping it altogether, here are 7 recipes to mix up your morning for the better.

1. Breakfast Banana Split

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Change your perspective on the banana split. This version is packed with protein and nutrients, not sugar or other refined carbohydrates, and it's a fun, healthy and delicious way to start your day!

2. Dragonfruit Breakfast Bowl

Pitaya, with its vibrant fuchsia color and superstar lineup of antioxidants, fiber, magnesium, and B vitamins, makes an amazing blended base for a breakfast bowl as nourishing as it is beautiful.

Discovered in Central and Southern America and brought to Southeast Asia (where it became known as dragonfruit), this exotic cactus fruit has a mild, delicate flavor with pear-like notes, providing the perfect base to add in other flavors and superfoods.

Try this tropical combo with vitamin C-laden pineapple and coconut milk rich in healthy fatty acids, or experiment by adding other fruits and vegetables!

3. Tofu & Black Bean Scramble

It's well known that a protein-rich breakfast can keep you satiated longer (preventing snacking later on), lends energy and generally sets a good precedent for the rest of the day.

Try this vegan Mexican-inspired brekkie to keep you firing on all cylinders.

4. Sugar-Free Coco-nutty Granola

For a sweet breakfast option without all the sugar, try this Coco-Nutty Granola recipe.

The brown rice syrup is optional — I personally don’t sweeten my granola at all. Perhaps make half a batch with the syrup, half without, and see what you like. I like to eat this granola with yogurt — nice and chunky.

5. Raspberry Chia Pots With Maple Coconut Cream

Lovingly prepare yourself a nourishing meal that will provide you with the fuel that takes you up to your next meal. I avoid high carbohydrate breakfast as they cause my blood sugar to spike and I find myself hungry again soon after breakfast.

This cooling recipe is a low-carb, high-fat breakfast which is very simple to prepare.

6. Wheat Berries With Greens & Eggs

This is the breakfast that will make you feel like you've unlocked the secret to having it all together as an adult. Cook a large batch of your favorite grains to store in the fridge for the week (or use any leftovers you have — farro, barley, rice...), wash greens ahead of time, and this comes together in 7 minutes flat.

Take your tea or coffee to go if you must, but we insist you enjoy a proper breakfast at the table. Because days that begin with a skillet full of whole grains, dark leafy greens and eggs are simply better days.

7. Savory or Sweet Toast

You CAN have it breakfast. Opt for both savory AND sweet toast with Avocado + Limed Yogurt Toast With Chili Oil and Raw Honey + Almond Butter Toast With Chia Seeds.

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