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The Safest Way To Remove An Avocado Pit, Without A Knife

Eliza Sullivan
Food Writer By Eliza Sullivan
Food Writer
Eliza Sullivan is a food writer and SEO editor at mindbodygreen. She writes about food, recipes, and nutrition—among other things. She studied journalism at Boston University.
Try This Genius Hack For Removing An Avocado Pit (Without A Knife)

Have you ever heard of avocado hand? And would you believe it's almost a proper medical diagnosis? It's what happens when you go to whack out the avocado seed with a knife and...miss entirely. This can result in cutting open your hand and a trip to the emergency room. While you might think, "I've opened dozens of avocados without a hospital visit," maybe don't press your luck. That's where this hack comes in.

Avocado is more than just a tasty topping for toast: It's also a nutrient-dense healthy fat, with more potassium than bananas, plus vitamins K, C, B5, B6, and E. It's also rich in insoluble fiber, which helps your digestion run smoothly. Since this healthy food deserves a regular spot in your diet, that's all the more reason to make sure you're keeping safe while prepping breakfast or lunch.

Across the internet, people are realizing that there's always been a (fairly obvious) safer way to remove avocado pits. It's as simple as these three steps:

  1. Cut the avocado in half, as normal.
  2. Use your index and middle fingers to hold either side of the pit, and press gently on the back of where the pit is with your thumbs.
  3. The pit should pop right out—but beware, this might not work so well if your avocado is particularly soft.

The benefits of this method are obvious: no more risking your hand health to enjoy our favorite natural condiment. But if you're trying it out on a particularly soft avocado, you might find things get a bit messy as your index and middle fingers mush into the flesh of the fruit. There's no such thing as a perfect hack, but this is certainly the safest way to remove the pit that we've seen.

If you're an all-time avocado fan, your go-to toast might be getting a bit stale (pun intended). If that's the case, here are a dozen tasty variations on the classic from an M.D., each inspired by global flavors.

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