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How Ellie Kemper Practices Balance For Herself & Her Kids

Abby Moore
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Ellie Kemper's Unbreakable Approach To Promoting A Balanced Lifestyle

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Ellie Kemper is well known by many for her roles in The Office and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, but at home, she's known by her two kids as Mom. Living two different but similarly busy lifestyles has taught the comedian the importance of balance.

Actually, paying attention to what she puts into her body, what she uses topically, and how she treats her mind never really occurred to Kemper before she was a mom. But after becoming pregnant for the first time (with her now 3-year-old son), the actress began to realize how crucial these all were in her overall well-being.

How does Kemper maintain balance?

Balance isn't always easy, but it's essential to live a healthy, sustainable life, Kemper said during a panel sponsored by Tom's of Maine for their new Prebiotic Personal Care line, which includes products that range from hand soap and toothpaste to oral care aimed to help balance your skin's microbiome. The products promote "more good, less bad," according to Kemper, which is why she decided to work with the brand on the launch.

As a skin care aside: Prebiotic topical products work by providing the skin's microflora with the right nutrients to support good bacteria growth. Take, for example, the Prebiotic Gentle Body Wash in Lavender: It includes an organic agave-derived prebiotic called inulin that feeds good bacteria on the skin, so they are able to thrive, instead of oversanitizing.

But back to her balance in day-to-day life: "I think the body and mind are closely connected," she said. To take care of her mental health during the week, she always takes time for two things: coffee and exercise. 

With a toddler and a 6-month-old, she said a structured wake-up routine is nearly impossible. But even so, Kemper tries to wake up before either kid and "have at least five minutes to [herself], drink a cup of coffee, empty [her] brain of anything, and get ready for the day."

To keep from "going crazy," the celebrity said she also sets aside at least 20 minutes of her day to exercise. Whether it's a quick run or a core-strength routine, she said working out helps her approach everything more reasonably.

"If you're not taking those moments," Kemper said, "it's easy to get overwhelmed."

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How does she teach her kids balance?

In terms of mental health, Kemper wants her sons to be OK with failing. "Things won't always go as planned, mistakes will be made, and falling down is fine—you'll get back up," she said. 

According to Kemper, this concept can be challenging. "It's difficult for them to reason," she said, "and everything seems like a crisis." To overcome her son's little crises, Kemper encourages him to take deep breaths. But those mindful moments are just as helpful for her as they are for him. Between breaths, she's reminded, "The moment's going to pass, and you just have to make it through."

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