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The Oh-So Easy Eyeliner Hack Drew Barrymore Loves For Lifting Puffy Lids

Drew Barrymore on her wellness rituals
Image by mbg Creative x Robin Marchant / Getty
April 18, 2021
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We've discussed puffy eyes a bunch here at mbg—but have you ever woken up with just one orb hanging low? It's incredibly common, especially if you're a loyal side-sleeper, and it may actually have nothing to do with sleep habits at all—some may experience this asymmetry with age, while for others it's simply due to genetics. It's nothing to sound the alarm over—you likely notice it more than others, anyway—but if it bothers you, there's loads you can do to make the eyes appear more symmetrical, both with skin care and makeup. 

For the latter, take this tip Drew Barrymore recently demonstrated in an IGTV video: In less than two minutes, the award-winning actress lifts her narrowed eyelid with nothing but a humble liner. It's a transformative technique she has deemed "corrective eye makeup"—and we've outlined the genius hack below.  

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Barrymore's hack for balancing uneven eyes. 

The trick, says Barrymore, is to tightline the upper waterline on the eye that appears more droopy. "As you can see, one eye is lower than the other," she says in the video, pointing to her orbs. By shading in her upper waterline, she notes, "It's going to open my eye to match [the other]." 

She then wields her Flower Beauty Forever Wear Eyeliner and rims her top waterline. Make sure to stay within the waterline (read: not the lash line), so it appears more natural and even, and if you notice any transfer along your bottom waterline throughout the day, Barrymore suggests sliding a damp cotton swab along the rim. And there you have it: symmetrical eyes that look wide-awake, in two minutes flat. 

"It's really a cool trick," Barrymore adds. "I feel like my eyes look much more even than they did before." The before and after has a pretty stark contrast (don't take our word for it; watch the video!), yet the hack is incredibly low-lift. A worthy addition to your bank of beauty tips, if you ask us. 

As for the color, any shade of liner will work—Barrymore uses an onyx hue to match her black mascara, but you can always use a brown or taupe for a softer look. 

And if you want to make the eyes appear even brighter? Well, makeup artists are quick to sing the praises of a rim of white liner, some strategic highlighter, and a few other eye-opening hacks here

The takeaway.

Let's review: If one eye looks more closed than the other, Barrymore swears by a sweep of liner on the upper waterline to provide some lift. That's not to say you have to do anything at all to even the eyes if it doesn't bother you—oftentimes, it's not even noticeable! But considering how effortlessly the actress raises her lid, it's worth trying if you're curious.

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