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Best Pull-Up Bar Treatment Man On Backround
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November 1, 2022
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Whether you're a seasoned lifter or fitness newbie, pull-ups are one of the best and most versatile bodyweight exercises that you can do. For example, you can target the lower trapezius and lats through supinated pull-ups, your chest and biceps through chin-ups, or a little of both with parallel or hammer grip pull-ups. Additionally, pull-up bars provide more than a space for pull-ups; you can use the anchor point for ab work or bands or rings for even more variety.

The sheer variety of exercises possible with pull-up bars makes them one of the best pieces of equipment you can buy. What's more, they're far more affordable than most other equipment with many options under $50.

If you're ready to expand your burgeoning home gym, check out our top picks for the best pull-up bars, below.

How to pick a good pull-up bar.

When looking for a pull-up bar, there are plenty of options to choose from. Understanding the types of exercise you want to conquer, the amount of space needed for the device, and any constraints with a specific design (such as height limits or weight limits) can help you choose the best options.

But first things first, you'll want to consider safety features. TJ Mentus, an ACE-certified personal trainer and expert panelist of Garage Gym Reviews, says that any bar you install in your home should be firmly secured in place and "unable to be dislodged." 

"Make sure that it has enough capacity to hold your body weight, and there should not be any give to the bar," he adds.

Typically, pull-up bars are about 1.25 inches thick, but some occasionally have a wider diameter. Per Mentus, the latter will be more challenging, which you may or may not want, depending on your goals.

Finish is another varying factor to consider. Mentus says that power-coated bars are slicker, especially for sweaty hands. He instead recommends a raw steel bar, noting they "work best" due to the textured grip.

Stability is also essential; specific movements, such as kipping pull-ups, will need increased strength to ensure your safety. Finally, the best pull-up bar for you will need to fit the space. A door mount may be preferable if space is limited, but if you want to involve additional body movements or are a heavier lifter, a sturdier wall or ceiling-mounted system will be better.

What are the benefits of a pull-up?

Incorporating pull-ups into your exercise routine is a great way to build your upper body and core strength. "The pull-up is one of the best and most effective bodyweight exercises, working the upper back, arms, shoulders, forearms, and even core," says Mentus.

"Strengthening the upper back is important for stability and strength throughout the upper body and maintaining good posture," he adds.

Pull-ups are also ideal for improving grip strength, which will transfer to many other exercises both in daily life and the gym. "Pull-ups will improve your strength-to-bodyweight ratio, making you more efficient at lifting and pulling your own body weight," Mentus explains.

How we picked:


Quality is vital with any equipment but especially with picks expected to hold your body weight. We opted for picks made from metals, such as steel.


The best pull-up bars provide quality at a reasonable price, whether you opt for a wall-mounted system or over-the-door pick.


To work your muscles correctly, you should be working the targeted muscles of a pull-up, not struggling to hold on. We opted for designs with minimal slip.

Expert advice

We relied on our expert source to provide key indicators when searching for the ideal pull-up bars.

Our picks for the best pull-up bars of 2022:

Best doorway: ProsourceFit Multi-Grip Lite Pull-Up Bar


  • Different grips for a variety of exercises
  • Also designed for tricep dips & ab work


  • Assembly can be tricky
  • Additional padding may be needed around bolts
Type: Doorway
Weight Limit: 300 pounds
Max Width: 36 inches
Depth: 16 inches
Exercises Possible: Neutral pull-upsNarrow-grip pull-upsWide-grip pull-upsPush-upsTri-cep DipsSit-upsChin-up

The ProsourceFit Multi-Grip bar provides everything you need in a pull-up bar for a low price. Made in the USA, it offers a dozen grip points allowing users to get more variety in their exercises. Although it’s designed to hook over the door—and even features padding to prevent door frame damage—the unit can also be used on the floor for dips, push-ups, and sit-ups. 

Each metal contraption weighs less than 9 pounds yet can support up to 300 pounds. It’s also backed by a lifetime warranty. Just note that some users complain that tricky construction may cause some bolts to extend past the padding, damaging your walls. This issue is typically a result of user error, but it means you’ll need to be extra careful with assembly.

What Customers Say:

Reviewers are in agreement—this pull-up bar packs the most bang for its buck, earning more than more than 20,000 positive reviews. One writes: “I needed a chinning/exercise bar to fit unobtrusively in my apartment. This ProsourceFit bar …fits snugly over a doorway and is high enough that I don't have to remove it when I'm not using it. It's solid, and I never feel like it won't support me when I'm working out.”

Best outdoor: Stamina Outdoor Power Tower


  • Resists weather elements
  • Free access to an audio coaching app (Müüv)


  • Lower weight limit than other options
  • Some users had issues with assembly
Type: Free-standing
Weight Limit: 250 pounds
Max Width: 49 inches
Depth: 50 inches
Exercises Possible: Neutral pull-upsNarrow-grip pull-upsWide-grip pull-upsPush-upsLeg RaisesSit-upsChin-up

If you plan to repurpose your garage or backyard as a home gym, then this freestanding tower is your best pick. It’s specifically constructed to weather the outdoors thanks to a special weather-resistance coating that prevents any paint from chipping, UV rays from fading, and metal from corroding. 

A range of grip options means the equipment is not only great for pull-ups, but offers options for those wanting to incorporate leg raises or tricep dips into their routine. Although it’s made from a durable stainless steel, the weight limit is on the lower end of our selects at just 250 pounds. However, the purchase includes free access to Müüv, an audio coaching app.

What Customers Say:

Customers appreciate the sturdy weather-proof construction of this system. A reviewer ravs, “I was skeptical about this item, but I went on with the purchase because my local park has a similar-looking station, and I love it. Once it arrived, it took me about 2 hours to assemble(alone). Now I’ve had it for about a year, and I absolutely love it. I am 5’11, and it’s perfect for me, the diameter of the bars are good, and it’s been sitting outside under rain and sun, and it’s good as new.”

Best free-standing: Khan Trinh Folding Pull-Up Bar


  • Adjustable A-frame design for a variety of exercises
  • Folds for portability


  • Large footprint requires room for height & width
  • Some testers have concerns about stability
Type: Free-standing
Weight Limit: 700 pounds (485 pounds with regular use)
Max Width: 44 inches
Depth: Varies
Exercises Possible: Neutral pull-upsNarrow-grip pull-upsWide-grip pull-upsLeg RaisesChin-upKipping pull-up

Many free standing pull-up bars take up valuable space in your home gym, but this foldable option offers a modern alternative. The A-frame design unfolds from a compact clothes rack-sized bar into a large contraption that safely holds a little over 700 pounds. (The maximum recommended weight for regular use is 485 pounds.) You can adjust the height between 63 different levels to suit the user’s need, however the grip diameter is firmly set at 1.25 inches. 

The wide footprint of this steel bar makes it perfect for various bodyweight exercises, including leg raises and kipping pull-ups. While it may be too large for some homes, the foldable design makes it an excellent option for taking along to your favorite park or beach. Plus, it also has padded grips to minimize calluses. 

What Customers Say:

The Khan Trinh system has fewer reviews, but the ones that do exist are glowing. As one shopper says, “In a sea of ‘just okay’ exercise equipment, this is an exceptional standout. This is a high-quality product. Very sturdy, yet mobile. My toes don’t touch the ground when hanging, even on the lowest setting… Don’t get the cheap bar that you’ll throw out in a year. Get this and have an essential piece of your home gym for a lifetime.”

Best pull-up dip bar: Pull-up & Dip Doorway Pull-Up Bar


  • Multiple grip positions
  • Extended design for comfortable pull-ups & full range dips
  • Free ebook & pull-up band included


  • Users note that it leaves marks or damages door brackets
Type: Doorway
Weight Limit: 242 pounds
Max Width: 28 to 37 inches
Depth: 6 to 10 inches
Exercises Possible: Neutral pull-upsNarrow-grip pull-upsWide-grip pull-upsPush-upsSit-upsChin-up

A full range of motion is essential to pull-ups and dips, but most doorway options only offer a very shallow one. This smart alternative resolves that issue by placing the grips for pull-ups at the same level as the door frame. This extra height makes it a great option for lower doorways or taller folks who typically need to bend their knees when using other models on the market. 

Multiple grip options ensure you can do wide, narrow, and parallel pull-ups, as well as chin-ups. Similar to other over-the-door options, it can also be used on the floor for push-ups and tricep dips. To sweeten the deal, purchase also comes with a free e-book and pull-up band to help with training.

What Customers Say:

Customers love the great value of this bar. One user sums it up best: “I absolutely love this pull-up and dip bar! It was extremely easy to set up, and it’s super convenient to be able to do a workout in my house. I would definitely recommend purchasing for anyone that is looking for a high-end pull-up bar!”

Best for chin-ups: Jfit Deluxe Pull-Up and Chin-up Bar


  • Telescopic design fits any doorway snugly
  • Included safety brackets minimize doorway damage
  • Hand grips easily moved to suit different grips


  • Grip width is more restricted compared to our other options
Type: Doorway
Weight Limit: 300 pounds
Max Width: 25 to 40 inches
Depth: N/A
Exercises Possible: Neutral pull-upsNarrow-grip pull-upsWide-grip pull-upsChin-up

Similar to a tension rod you’d use for curtains, this delux bar easily retracts and expands for simple set-up and take down. To prevent falls and slips, it comes with easy-to-instal safety brackets, which also prevent the bar from damaging the frame. A great option for chin-ups and pull-ups, it has velcro neoprene hand grips that adjust to fit your desired hand width. 

Move the bar up and down the frame at different heights to allow more variety in your exercises, such as push-ups, incline rows, or assisted sit-ups. As the bar fits within the doorway, wide-gripped exercises won’t be possible with this one, and exaggerated motions, like kipping pull-ups, are not recommended.

What Customers Say:

Customers appreciate the robust and compact design, with one writing, “In my opinion, this is your best option for a home pull-up bar. Because the mounting bracket is screwed into the door frame, the bar is as sturdy as your door frame. You can also mount it to allow doors to close, and it is pretty visually unobtrusive, so I just leave it up all of the time.”

Best cheap: Iron Gym Pull-Up Bar


  • Strong bar for the price
  • Provides multiple grips for exercise variety
  • Fast & easy setup with no mounting equipment needed


  • Padding at the door frame wears with time
Type: Doorway
Weight Limit: 300 pounds
Max Width: 24 to 32 inches
Depth: 16 inches
Exercises Possible: Neutral pull-upsNarrow-grip pull-upsWide-grip pull-upsPush-upsChin-up

At just $25, the Iron Gym bar is cheaper than a pair of leggings or durable water bottle—but don’t mistake a budget price point for poor quality. The sturdy design has a 300-pound weight limit and offers multiple grips both wide and narrow pull-ups, as well as chin-ups. 

This door-mounted bar is also easily taken down, so it can be used as a push-up or dip bar. 

What Customers Say:

You’ll not only find more than 16,000 5-star ratings for this bar, but it also comes expert-recommended by Mentus. He says, "The Iron Gym Pull-Up Bar will work for most people and is affordable. It fits in a standard doorway and is easily removable and lightweight, so it can be stored away when not in use.”

Best wall-mounted: Yes4All Heavy Duty Wall-Mounted


  • 14 different grip positions
  • Includes 2 yoga ring clip-ons
  • Simple 3-step construction


  • This needs to go into studs, so find & measure before you buy
Type: Wall-mounted
Weight Limit: 300 pounds
Max Width: 48 inches
Depth: 17 inches
Exercises Possible: Neutral pull-upsNarrow-grip pull-upsWide-grip pull-upsChin-upKipping pull-up

If you are looking for a sturdier pull-up option, a wall or ceiling mount is the way to go. We chose the Yes4All wall mount due to the budget-friendly price point and sheer variety of exercises possible with this sturdy steel system.

Conquer wide, narrow, and neutral pull-ups, as well as both angled and normal chin-ups. When you’re ready to move on, the included yoga rings provide a sturdy anchor point to expand your growing home gym with rings or bands. Just note this system only has notches in the metal to offer grip, instead of padding. Expect blisters if your palms aren’t used to the intensity of the metal.

What Customers Say:

It is tough to beat the price of this quality system. One 5-star reviewer states, “Super sturdy once you find studs. The only issue I had, which is no fault of the product, is finding a set of studs at exactly 48”. Once you find that it’s simple!”

Best for heavier folks: Gronk Fitness Ceiling Mounted Multi-Grip


  • Different grips to fulfill any workout program
  • Hardware & mounting can hold 800 pounds
  • Great for taller folks, as feet won’t touch the ground during reps


  • Mounting with supplied tools is difficult
Type: Ceiling-mounted
Weight Limit: 800 pounds
Max Width: 48 inches
Depth: 15 inches
Exercises Possible: Neutral pull-upsNarrow-grip pull-upsWide-grip pull-upsChin-up

If you’re worried about damaging door frames or are simply seeking a higher weight limit, this pull-up system is up to the task. The metal pick mounts to your ceiling and holds an impressive 800 pounds. Similar to other bars, it offers multiple grip options to ensure there’s plenty of variety in your routine; if you want to really challenge yourself, add some ankle brackets to include inverted crunches to your routine. 

While mounting any product can create headaches, this pull-up bar makes it simple by setting up the bars exactly 48 inches apart i.e. the standard distance between ceiling studs. Plus, it has four separate bolting points to ensure everything stays sturdy. Customers note that you may want to work with a partner and use a personal set of tools, rather than the supplied wrenches, for a smoother installation. 

What Customers Say:

94% of customers give this ceiling-mounted design a positive rating. As one person raves, “This is a great product, extremely sturdy which for me was the most important factor when hanging something from my ceiling. Multiple grips make all the difference to me, and customer support was great with a few questions I had after ordering.”

Best inverted: Perfect Fitness Pullup Progression Bar


  • Adjustable positioning is perfect for progressing from inverted rows to pull-ups
  • Easy installation


  • Needs to mount into the doorway permanently
  • Lower weight limit
Type: Doorway
Weight Limit: 220 pounds
Max Width: 27 to 36 inches
Depth: N/A
Exercises Possible: Neutral pull-upsNarrow-grip pull-upsWide-grip pull-upsPush-upsChin-up

If you don’t mind a permanent addition to your doorframe, this progression bar should be your top pick. The swing arm design stores in an upright position for pull-ups and chin-ups, but can then be pulled down for inverted push-ups and inclined rows. This lower position is ideal for beginners building their strength for pull-ups or those that simply want to incorporate a little extra triceps work into their routine. 

While the sleek design won’t be an eyesore—you can thank the white finish—there are a few downsides to the design. It only supports 220 pounds or less, and the mounting is not strong enough for more exaggerated movements, like kipping pull-ups. However, it offers plush hand grips and boasts an under $35 price point.

What Customers Say:

One customer raves, “Easy to install, sturdy, and hides in the door. Great for exercise and stretching.” Another adds, “Relatively easy to install and very functional for myself and kids.”

Best travel: Duonamic Eleviia


  • Packs up for travel
  • Made from lightweight aerospace composite
  • Won’t damage your door frame


  • Design is most suited for a neutral grip
Type: Doorway
Weight Limit: 250 pounds
Max Width: Varies
Depth: Varies
Exercises Possible: Neutral pull-upsWide-grip pull-ups

Portability takes on a new meaning with the Duonamic Eleviaa system; it’s composed of two separate pull-up handles that individually clamp to your door frame. A clamp-safe spring adheres the system to your doorway and is enveloped in soft rubber to prevent door frame damage—a must for travelers in hotels.

What’s more, the entire system weighs less than four pounds, as it’s made from a aerospace composite. Simply pack away for travel in your carry-on and install upon arrival in less than 8 seconds. Although compact and lightweight, it can still support up to 250 pounds for pull-ups, chin-ups, and more. 

What Customers Say:

Users love this simple system, one saying, “I am super pleased with how easy these are to install. The design is brilliant. They are so portable.”


Which pull-up bar is best for home?

The best pull-up bar for your home depends on the space you have available. If you are in a small apartment or want to be able to pack away the bar when not in use, a door mount option is your best bet. If you have more space and want a sturdier option that suits a wider range of exercises, a wall or ceiling mount is for you.

Is it worth buying a pull-up bar?

Pull-up bars are worth buying. Most of the bars above are affordable additions to your home gym. You can build muscle and strength in your biceps, abs, lats, and lower trapezius with pull-ups and chin-ups and perform advanced core work with leg raises. In addition, a pull-up bar is a great anchor point for bands or rings for increased exercise variety.

Do pull-up bars damage door frames?

Most door-mounted bars are equipped with padding to reduce damage to your door frame. Even with the padding, some damage may still occur, as noted by many reviewers. Lower-weight lifters likely won't find any damage to door frames, but full-body motion exercises, such as kipping pull-ups, are more likely to damage door frames. If you are concerned about this, then wall- or ceiling-mounted bars are a better option.

What are good pull-up bars?

A good pull-up bar is one that suits your exercise needs. If you only need a pull-up bar and don't need to perform any other exercise with the equipment, then some of the cheaper options will suit your needs. Those seeking more variety in their workout system should pick a multi-grip option that's sturdy enough to hold bands, transforming your equipment into a full-body workout station.

The takeaway.

Pull-ups are ideal for strengthening your upper body and core, and installing a pull-up bar in your home is one of the easiest ways to practice this exercise daily. Whether you want an option that's wall-mounted, free-standing, or hooks over the door, there's a quality pick that's ready to perform. Bonus: They're also the perfect anchor point for bands, so you won't be limited to the same up and down movements.

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