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These Are The Recovery Tactics People At revitalize Are Obsessing Over

Leigh Weingus
mbg Contributor By Leigh Weingus
mbg Contributor
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So far, revitalize has been nonstop fun—from guided meditations with Light Watkins to healing personal foam-rolling sessions with Lauren Roxburgh, the good times are just beginning. It's no secret that we're obsessed with fitness here at mbg, which is why we're also fans of recovery—we know that taking days to rest and actively recover the right way is essential to longevity and avoiding injury.

With so many wellness leaders in one place, we decided to ask some of them about their favorite way to spend a rest day. Here's what they had to say:

"I watch Netflix and drink water." Kate Fagan, revitalize speaker and author of What Made Maddy Run

"Netflix and chill? Kidding. Restorative yoga." Lisa Hayim, R.D. and revitalize speaker

"My favorite recovery workout is a couple of miles of long, easy swimming. This is something I can do with minimal effort, and yet it never fails to loosen up stiff and sore muscles and flush out any 'junk' that may have accumulated during previous workouts. Swimming is also guaranteed quiet time, so it restores my chi as well!" Hillary Biscay, Ironman champion

"Restorative yoga! Bolsters, a dimly lit room with candles, lavender oil, holding each pose for three to five minutes—this is my favorite way to let my mind and body recover!" Lauren Bongiorno, health coach and yoga instructor

"I do a lot of forward bending and hip openers that target my external rotators. For conditioning, I perform several hollow body positions for core work to neutralize my spine. I might also do some straight handstands to elongate after all my spine extensions I did." Alicia Archer, fitness instructor

"The combination of rolling and rebounding, of course, because it helps flush toxins from the body, reduce stress in the mind, decrease physical tension, congestion, and remove negative emotional energy. Plus, this combo helps improve posture, alignment, strength, suppleness, and a sense of youthfulness in your body and entire system, while also rejuvenating your spirit." Lauren Roxburgh, foam-rolling and fascia expert and mbg class instructor

"I like to start with foam rolling to help break up the fascia then a hot vinyasa flow. The day after a workout, you are likely sore and feeling a bit tight—the combo of rolling and a hot yoga class leaves the body feel loose and relaxed." —Todd McCullough, TMAC Fitness founder and mbg class instructor

"My regular workouts are pretty fast and intense, so when I need a lighter activity day, I generally do a mixture of flexibility work, handstand training, and lots of walking. That way, I still get some movement and play in (because handstands are always fun!) while giving my body a break from higher intensity workouts." Krista Stryker, trainer and founder of 12-Minute Athlete

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