Caffeine-Free Super Potions Are Taking Over The Internet. Here's How To Make One For Yourself

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When people try to break their reliance on caffeine (even experimenting with giving it up all together) it quickly becomes apparent how much its purpose is about the morning ritual rather than a simple caffeine fix. My husband grinds his own beans every morning, and the sound of the whirr of the beans and the aroma of bittersweet fresh coffee filling our house has become one of my favorite things to wake up to. He calls it his morning meditation—the boiling of the water, the grinding of the beans, filling the filter with water, and waiting for the fresh coffee to drip through.

While I don't personally drink caffeine, my morning Dandelion Vanilla tea is my signal to my brain and body that the day is about to begin. These days, though, there are far more exciting options for a caffeine-free kick to start your morning. Insta-star Lee From America shared her adaptogen-rich concoctions on the 'gram during her #caffeinefreeweek and the potions, for what they lacked in caffeine, were abundant in brain- and body-healing superfoods.

if this latte was an ocean, call me a mermaid and i’d jump right in 🌊 day 4 #caffeinefreeweek and i just wrote a midweek re-cap on the blog listing things i’ve noticed about myself so far from removing caffeine (such as being less anxious, eating slower, and being WAY more in touch with my hunger cues) and some tips to keep us going strong!💪🏻 i’m learning so much about myself but mostly, I’m realizing i often turn to a caffeinated beverage for an extra boost throughout the day and it has been empowering AF to be able to find it within myself to be productive without my matcha or afternoon booch. check out the link in my bio to read! back to this moringa latte though🌿betcha thought it was matcha didn’t ya 😏 nope.. it’s made from moringa. moringa is a green leaf full of vitamins and is known to stabilize blood sugar, promote deep sleep AND relieve anxiety. 1 tsp moringa powder (I use @sunpotion) 1 tsp @sunpotion pine pollen *optional, I use this to stabilize hormones 1 tsp chlorella (I use @sunpotion)…so good for detoxification and for women) 2 scoops @vitalproteins marine collagen 1 tbsp coconut butter 1 tsp @bulletproof brain octane (for that extra brain boost!) 16 oz. hot water blend on high in your vitamin for 1-2 minutes, pour into a cup. I topped mine with spirulina. #leefromamerica #PCOSawarenees

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day 1 of #caffeinefreeweek, and i'm sippin' on a dandy root coconut latte sprinkled with vietnamese organic cinnamon ☕️ that FOAM though😅this drank is packed to the brim with adaptogens and brain-boosting fats to give you a boost without the endocrine disrupting effects of caffeine. and it tastes like a caramel latte 💁🏼 3 tbsp herbal coffee blend from @MountainRoseHerbs, simmered in 20 oz of water and strained 1 tbsp coconut butter (healthy fat and makes it creamy) 1 tbsp brain octane oil (focus) 1 tsp ashwagandha (stress, anxiety, and energy) 1 tsp collagen (hair, skin, nails, leaky gut, and it gives it a crazy foam!) blend on high for 1 minute, pour into a glass and enjoy! I’m having so much fun checking out all your photos from #caffeinefreeweek, keep them coming, we can do this! #leefromamerica #sponsored #PCOSawarenees

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Want to make a caffeine-free latte of your own? There are a few easy rules to follow:

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1. Pick your base.

This can be as simple as hot filtered water, or warm nut, seed or coconut milk of choice, or as complicated as herbal coffee or brewed caffeine-free tea (I love rooibos and honey bush for their natural sweetness).

2. Pick your superfood mix-ins.

This step is optional, but it really adds the ritual element, and it allows you to tailor your potion to your needs. You can play around with adaptogens like ashwagandha and pine pollen, add protein like collagen or hemp powder, or go for detoxifying greens like chlorella or spirulina (unicorn vibes, anyone?). Most of these powders have fairly mild flavors, although the algaes have a bit of an oceanic taste. Also, remember these are potent, so start small with just a pinch of each, and see how your body reacts before adding more.

3. Add a fat.

Whether you go with simple coconut oil, ghee, or something more specialized like Bulletproof's Brain Octane Oil or Pure Indian Foods ghee and MCT oil blend, you need fat to really bring your potion together. Frothing in some fat makes the drink have a more homogeneous texture and adds a rich, satisfying latte-like foam. Simply add a heaping teaspoon of your fat of choice and use a foamer, blender, or aggressive mason jar shake (with the lid on!) to emulsify.

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