Learn What Foods Your Body Loves (And Which Ones It Doesn't) With This At-Home Test

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There's so much health and nutrition advice out there that sometimes our journey to wellness can feel like one giant guessing game. All of our bodies are so different; we have different nutrient deficiencies, quirks in our digestion, and caloric needs. And despite the many different ways of eating (looking at you, paleo, ketogenic, raw foods, and FODMAP), it's hard to believe that anyone would fit perfectly into just one category.

We all want answers when it comes to our health; we want detailed and accurate information that affirms our instincts about what our bodies need, and many of us simply want to optimize our well-being. So what do we do? How do we stay empowered and take control of our own health without going completely crazy or wasting months—or even years—on trial and error?

Well, in 2017, it is possible to determine exactly what your body's craving. Through advancements in the field of personalized nutrition, you can find out what's making your body happy or what's best for your gut. It's about time.

How exactly does personalized nutrition work?

Personalized health testing is quickly gaining traction in the wellness world, and for good reason. From our diverse body types to our unique DNA, no two of us are the same. And to us, it makes sense that our workouts, diets, and self-care regimens would reflect that awesome individuality.

With the knowledge from personalized nutrition tests like Habit, you can create a nutrition and lifestyle plan that is tailored to you and you alone—no guessing required. It may sound complicated at first glance, but personalizing your nutrition will actually really simplify your life.

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Habit is truly a pioneer in the personalized nutrition game due to their revolutionary approach to food recommendations based on the at-home kit. You can order your kit online and the test will be delivered right to your home, which is a huge plus. But the coolest part is the way in which they collect your bio samples; basically, to complete the Habit test you'll drink a special shake and then do a few finger pricks to get a reading of your blood. Along with that, you'll also have to swab your cheek and record your body metrics, like height and weight, so this test goes far beyond the basic saliva sampling.

Though this might sound a bit complicated, it's not—every little thing you need, from containers and swabs to plastic bags, is included in the kit. Once you seal everything, you simply drop it into the mailbox and voilà! You wait for your results, which take only a few weeks and are delivered electronically.

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What will my results really tell me about my nutrition?

The short answer: a lot. Whether you're just starting out on this health journey or already know a lot through trial and error, Habit can confirm what you know and inform you about what you don't. The recommendations, which come in the form of a snazzy digital personalized nutrition plan, answer the questions you've always wondered like, "What should my carbohydrate-to-protein ratio be?" and "How much fiber do I need to get each day?" You'll also find out how carb-sensitive you are and whether those three cups of coffee you've been drinking every day are helping you as much as you think.

Although this may seem like a lot of complex data, the actual recommendations are presented in a way that is concise and simple to follow based on your blood work and DNA and are designed to easily inform future lifestyle changes.

While some personalized tests will sample your saliva and provide you with some interesting info, Habit takes it a step further with truly comprehensive testing and nutrition-oriented, practical recommendations. Ever better? They will continue to support you long after you get your test results, with coaches on call to answer your most burning questions and help you set new wellness goals based on what you learn.

They will even deliver high-quality, fresh, utterly delicious food upon request (created by their team of amazing chefs) that is specifically tailored to you, down to the macro- and micronutrient level. And let's be honest: This makes all the difference. Because isn't the ultimate goal to have a foolproof wellness plan that we can stick to—no matter how crazy our schedule gets with work, friends, and kids?

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How will this change my health regimen?

All in all, this test—and personalized nutrition in general—gives us the tools to make smart, informed decisions about our diet, without falling victim to fad diets or some of those health trends that can distract us on our way to wellness. Diet and lifestyle changes are hard enough to stick to. You don't need the added pressure of wondering whether you've chosen the wrong one again.

Pretty soon, you'll start to feel the shifts that occur when you're truly eating for your body's biology. Listening to your body is still the best test of all. Finding out what works for you may even leave you with more energy, easier weight loss, and ultimately more time for doing the things you love. Because who doesn't want to look and feel their absolute best?

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