The Smoothie That Keeps A Nonstop Fitness Instructor Going

Photo by Ashley Jahncke

What is your day but a series of moments? It's the little decisions you make along your way that add up to a balanced life. Evolution Fresh®‎ launched their #MySmallSip initiative to spark small, healthy daily choices we each make to better our lives. With the second annual National Green Juice Day on January 26, 2017, what better way to celebrate than to share the healthy habits of some of our community members? Read on for wellness inspiration you can incorporate into your own life.

My on-the-go lifestyle as an NYC-based fitness instructor requires balance and energy. I take my health one day at a time, recognizing that small changes can add up to life-altering circumstances. Every little decision I make toward taking care of my body and mind counts, and I look to shape small pockets of my day into moments that can make a difference for the better. Finding opportunities to take #MySmallSips can revitalize a whole day, and the charge keeps me moving forward!

Photo by Ashley Jahncke


  • Early morning stretching. I do a forward fold to open my back, accompanied by some hip circles. I feel tight right after waking up, and moving to get the kinks out prevents any further tightness I might experience during the day.
  • Feed my body. I make a smoothie with berries, whey protein, chaga, flaxseed meal, and goat milk kefir. Loading the recipe up with protein, carbs, and fat (I could also put some avocado in there!) makes a satisfying drink that can keep me going straight through to my next meal. I sometimes use Evolution Fresh Essential Greens juice as my base to get all my nutrients in without adding extra ingredients! I like that Evolution Fresh uses high-pressure processing to ensure all nutrients (and taste) is protected during the process. It's my secret way to win some time back in the morning.

Photo by Ashley Jahncke

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  • Slow down. Whenever possible, I take a midday nap. Twelve-hour days teaching and practicing fitness can take a toll on my mind and body, and resting for only 20 minutes ensures I can stay alert and energized for the remainder of the day.
  • Hydrate. I teach, I travel, and I train. Remembering to drink water can get lost in all I have to do, and I have to work hard to stay on top of hydration. Grabbing an Evolution Fresh green juice keeps me hydrated in a flavorful way and helps in fight fatigue.

Photo by Ashley Jahncke


  • Recover. When I get home I perform myofascial release on my body using rubber balls. Recovery is ultra important, and massages tend to become expensive. Rolling out my muscles with rubber balls helps speed up repair and prevents injury. It's also a great way to wind down before bed!
  • Read. I try to read before bed. Even if it's a couple of pages, it's still an opportunity to pump those brain muscles and learn something new!

An active lifestyle is not easy, and sometimes I don't accomplish everything in a day that I set out to do. When you can't get everything done, how do you deal with it?

Photo by Ashley Jahncke

It's easy to overlook tiny victories, but recognizing the #MySmallSip moments when I paused, recognized what I needed, and gave that gift to my body helps me give myself credit for what I have accomplished. And those little decisions can lead to big things. Notice your own small achievements and know they will add up to your biggest goals and dreams.

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