3 Fragrant Ways To Transform Your Mood + Boost Your Sex Appeal

Written by Victorine Deych
3 Fragrant Ways To Transform Your Mood + Boost Your Sex Appeal

Our nose is a brilliant instrument. It tells you exactly how someone will impact you before your other senses can catch up. Ever wonder why we kiss? Well, we’re actually sniffing each other—now that’s primal! The beauty is that we can use this primal recognition to become our most sensual selves. In a world of sensory overload, we have done everything to mask this natural ability in hopes of receiving what we think we desire.

In the animal kingdom, pheromones are scent signals that elicit specific behaviors or responses, including sexual arousal. Our bodily odors may not whip potential mates into a lustful frenzy, but some studies show that smells might color perceptions to a certain extent, possibly being a small part of what makes one person find another attractive.

Love is in the air

Historically, naturally erotic scents are oud, neroli, and sandalwood. Sandalwood has been part of Tantric sexual rituals for thousands of years, and is said to trigger the second chakra and heighten one’s sexual response. The very presence of sandalwood in the bedroom is said to induce more powerful orgasms. That famous historical man-eater Cleopatra was said to have used the scent of lavender to seduce both Marc Antony and Julius Caesar. It is said to relax men and make them feel nurtured.

I personally love the combination of ylang ylang and sandalwood as they enhance potency, and stimulate the sympathetic nervous system. This way you know your natural receptors are working optimally, and you are attracting partners that will enhance your journey. How hot is that?!


The new scent of a woman

When experiences of love and sensuality in my life transcended my entire being, I started asking questions like, "What is the role of our pheromones?" and "Do the pure, undiluted aromas of flowers, plants, and resins enhance our natural scent, transform us from within, or both?" I’ve learned that we can work with our pheromones like we would with a muscle in the body. We can enhance our own sensuality through understanding and connection of self.

Here’s how I do it and how you can, too:

1. Meditate

Think about or meditate on what scents you gravitate towards (recommended to do with pure organic undiluted essential oils).


2. Perfume yourself

Apply a bit of your favorite blend on the inside of your wrist, and wear it for a few days. Remember to check in with yourself throughout the day, paying attention to how you feel.

3. Enhance sexual well-being

The one that will make you feel confident, sexy, and perhaps send your thoughts on a sexual fantasy ride is a strong indicator of which scent promotes your sexual well-being.

I decided to launch Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll, an essential body oil and fragrance collection, because I craved connection through touch in addition to community. Botanically, these blends invoke the experiences they are named after. We don't really know why traits might smell differently, but it's possible that it all relates to hormones. For example, our armpits have scent-producing organs that are dense with hormone receptors. These secrete all kinds of lovely chemicals, including alcohols, esters, and fats. It's possible that different mixes of hormones cause these organs to secrete different mixes of chemicals.

We live in an age of fragrance, where producers in Grasse, France, carefully prepare their batches of rose or jasmine, or where brilliant organic perfumers work alongside highly trained "noses" to build unique, organic, and ethically sourced blends. The essential oils I formulated based on the "virtues" of sex, drugs, and rock & roll, not only evoke these feelings botanically, but gives the wearer insight into where they are in their lives and what they are seeking.

Who said romance was dead?

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