Victorine Deych

Victorine Deych is a leading New York City–based wellness curator specializing in beauty, holistic nutrition, experiential retail, fashion, and lifestyle. She is well-respected for her passion, style, unique creativity, and progressive products. Victorine has the unique ability to fuse health and wellness with luxury, music, and entertainment. She is a certified holistic nutritionist and self-taught fashion designer, determined to help people on their journey to a life well-lived. Since the inception of her company Victorine, she has been combining her sense of adventure and expertise of all things holistic into products and experiences that engage the senses, most notably her trio of luxury oil products Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Victorine cites her family’s passion and strong work ethic as an elemental part of her personality. Since childhood she has been combining her business savvy with her drive to constantly challenge herself and the status quo. Aware that every ounce of the food we eat and the energy we exert can create positive vibrations, Victorine has combined her diverse aesthetics and healthy living into her brand and lifestyle.

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