The Wardrobe Essential Yogis Are Borrowing From Ballerinas

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In case you haven't it figured it out, we're huge yogis over here at mbg. And while we spend most of class moving in a mindful, meditative state, we can't help but look around once in a while. And lately, we've noticed an interesting trend popping up: Instructors and students alike are now wearing yoga pants over leotards.

This new trend looks a little something like this:

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Here's why we love it.

If you've ever spent more than 10 minutes in a yoga class, you're probably familiar with the very uncomfortable feeling of having your shirt flip up and hit you in the face while you're in downward dog, obstructing your vision and making your practice a lot less enjoyable.

With this genius leotards-and-yoga-pants combination, that can't happen. Plus, this outfit will make your inversion practice a lot easier.

"I love a leotard. What's not to love about a leotard? Oh, well actually, many leotards out there only cover half a butt cheek, so that just really doesn't work," yoga instructor Alex Sharry tells mbg. "But a real leotard from Capezio is great because those suckers hold you in. I wear one every single day. They make me feel free, covered up, but also exposed in the right places. Also, as a teacher, it's nice to be able to go upside down and not worry about your shirt flying over your head. It's the little things!"

Photo by Alex Sharry

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What's next?

On top of being stylish and comfortable, this trend is also practical—so apparel companies have started to catch on. While it doesn't have exactly the same look, Christine Reppa, founder of the company Noya Yoga, created a yoga onesie called a "yogzi" for exactly this reason.

"Presence is one of the key elements of yoga. Onesies allow you to be completely present with your practice," Christine tells mbg. "You don't have to worry about clothes shifting around or your belly showing. That's why we designed a onesie that looks great on all sorts of body types. With the yogzi (yoga-onesie) people won't even know you're wearing a onesie."

Yep, we're definitely getting behind this trend right

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