The 5 Stages Of Spiritual Enlightenment + How To Work Through Each One

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mbg Contributor
Emma Mildon is a millennial activist, co-host of 11:11 podcast, and best-selling author of Evolution of Goddess and The Soul Searcher's Handbook.
The 5 Stages Of Spiritual Enlightenment + How To Work Through Each One

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Life is all about learning and growing into ourselves. The key is to never truly stop evolving.

Different phases exist in this journey toward total mind-body-soul connection. As your soul evolves and you mature, a sort of soul puberty kicks in. (Think about it: We all know those people with pimply souls—hormonal, naïve soul teenagers.)

Here are some helpful soul states to help you check in to see where your soul sits on the scale of things. Are you a change maker? A shift taker? Time to find out.

Phase 1: The Change

Are you at a point in your life when you're becoming more aware of your sensitivities? Do you spend a good amount of time reading people's actions, tone, and body language? Then you're probably in the first stage of spiritual awakening, the one that begins once you simply open your eyes to what's around you and start observing changing energy.

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Phase 2: The Shift

The more you observe, the more you find yourself changing your daily behaviors. In this second phase, you become more conscious of your energy, your contribution to your community, and how you touch others energetically. There is a shift to become kinder and more patient, attentive, and supportive of those around you. You start wanting to become a better person.

Phase 3: The Search

By this phase, your soul has started to rumble with hunger. You crave soul-satisfying information and seek out spiritual enlightenment. You start searching for videos, books, or classes that will help evolve your soul and impart you with spiritual, New Age, holistic wisdom.

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Phase 4: The Desire

In this phase, you start to put your big-kid pants on. Your usual desire to distract yourself with material items, alcohol, and partying seems to disappear overnight as you become more inclined to go out in nature and spend time writing, reading, doing yoga, and meditating. The idea of having a soul hangover seems like torture. You begin surrounding yourself with like-minded souls—a light council of people who are also awakening. This is almost like a purging stage in which you cleanse your life of anything and anyone who no longer serves you.

Phase 5: The Opening

When you open up, you really begin to accept where you are and why you are there. You become so observant from the changes in life that you also become open to welcoming in more change. Those who welcome change are in a good state of mind and a great soul state. By the final stage, you've learned that every change, shift, and desire along the way led you deeper into the depths of your soul. When you finally get to a place where you understand that everything has a greater meaning, you are more open to every little thing that crosses your path. And you have truly connected to your soul's purpose.

Emma Mildon
Emma Mildon
Emma Mildon is a millennial activist and best-selling author, aiming to provide fun spiritual wisdom...
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Emma Mildon
Emma Mildon
Emma Mildon is a millennial activist and best-selling author, aiming...
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