An Awe-Inspiring Look Back On Scott Kelly's Historic Space Mission

mbg Senior Sustainability Editor By Emma Loewe
mbg Senior Sustainability Editor
Emma Loewe is the Senior Sustainability Editor at mindbodygreen and the author of "The Spirit Almanac: A Modern Guide To Ancient Self Care."

Earlier this week, NASA astronaut Scott Kelly touched down after 340 days in space.

The first American to spend a nearly a year in orbit, Kelly extensively researched "how the human body adjusts to weightlessness, isolation, radiation and the stress of long-duration spaceflight"—information that will help put humans on Mars. And he used his Instagram to give the world below a glimpse into his zero-gravity journey.

Kelly's photos are stunning portrayals of Earth's diverse natural landscapes and they serve as poignant reminders of our shared responsibility to protect the planet.

Now that he's back home eating fresh veggies and chatting with President Obama, Kelly's 'grams are a little less #mindblowing, but we can still look back on these out-of-this-world portrayals of his historic expedition. May they inspire you to view your own surroundings under a new lens.

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