What I Eat In A Typical Day: The Founder Of Barre3 Tells All

I've been teaching group exercise classes for 20 years now, so at this point in my life I know what I need to eat to fuel up for my workouts and busy days! Today, I'm the founder of barre3 fitness, a whole-health concept that incorporates more than 90 exercise studios around the world, nutritional guidance, and more. I'm also a wife and mom to two kids — so I get what it's like to be a busy woman trying to eat healthfully on the go! Here's what a day in my diet looks like.

7 a.m.: Breakfast

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This typical Portland rainy day calls for an extra energy boost. Before I teach and take class this morning, I wake up with a giant green oolong tea and a smoothie. This smoothie includes parsley, fresh ginger, hemp seeds, hemp milk, vanilla, and cinnamon. It also calls for a pear, but I made it with an orange for an extra shot of vitamin C.

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10 a.m.: Snack

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My team gathered in our office kitchen for an avocado toast breakfast party to celebrate a birthday. I had this with a couple of apple slices and a spoonful of full-fat Greek yogurt. This giant kitchen island is where we connect the most as a team. Those eggs in the background are from one of my team member’s chickens!

1 p.m.: Lunch

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I had a working lunch with one of my franchise partners who was in town. Today is turning out to be an avocado kind of day. Check out the generous serving of avo with this delicious kale and quinoa salad! I’m thankful I have a place right next door to my office that serves up whole foods aligned with my nutrition philosophy. I am also thankful I can connect with one of my owners in person versus on a call or Skype!

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5 p.m.: Snack

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This picture of my sprouted almonds beside me is a typical snack most days. I love how low maintenance almonds are. They have protein, healthy fat, and fiber all in one to help manage blood sugar. No assembly is required, and they're easy to snack on as I finish up work before picking up my kids.

6:30 p.m.: Dinner

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Cooking up a new barre3 recipe. The title of it is TBD, but it is a variation of minestrone soup. All of our recipes are made up of only whole foods and balance healthy fat, protein, and fiber (mostly from veggies and whole grains). I test most of the recipes on my family first. The first test is whether I can make it easily with my busy schedule. The second test is whether my picky eaters accept it! This one was a total hit and I can't wait to share it with everyone. I served it with roasted squash and a loaf of bread from our local bakery.

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8 p.m.: Dessert

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My son came up with this brilliant solution for dessert tonight. Peanut butter and chocolate chips? Yes, please! This kid has my heart and obviously knows my weaknesses.

9 p.m.: Nighttime Ritual

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Tonight I am brewing up a cup of chamomile lavender tea. I have a cupboard dedicated to a variety of loose teas and cute tea mugs. I continue to be amazed at how interesting and diverse tea is. I recommend people invest in loose varieties and try steeping them for different lengths of time to get the right flavor. Green tea, for example, is often written off as bitter because it is steeped too long. I love the ritual of including tea both to start and end my day. It’s a satisfying way to get centered and stay hydrated.

For more tips on staying healthy and active, check out my mbg course, The New Food And Fitness Rules.

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Sadie Lincoln

Founder Of Barre3
Sadie Lincoln is the co-founder and CEO of barre3, a fitness company focused on balance, with more than 140 studios and an online-workout subscriber base in 98 countries. Beyond running her company and being a global spokesperson, Sadie still enjoys teaching barre3 classes to many of her founding clients in her hometown of Portland, Oregon.This January, barre3 has partnered with Headspace to bring you a challenge designed to balance your body and empower you from within. Join the community to help redefine what success in fitness means
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Sadie Lincoln

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