10 Ways To Own Your Healing & Decide What's Best For You

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with some form of disease, you may find yourself reeling in an abyss of the unknown. Exploring the western medicine merry-go-round of tests, surgeries and treatment protocols is scary and confusing. Often it accelerates so fast, you barely have a moment to reflect on what’s best for you.

Although often delivered with a swift slap in the face that leaves you wincing, disease is also an opportunity finally pay attention. To draw focus on spirit.

We can’t always control what happens to us in life, but we can control our reaction to events. How you navigate your health, and ultimately who you are, is up to you. I’m here to say that you can have a say in your healing and you don’t have to let anyone else decide what's best for you.

This is your life journey and there is great potential for learning, transformation and immense beauty if you accept the challenge and step up to meet it. Here are 10 ways to help you face the fear, trauma, pain and confusion with more ease, grace and empowerment.

1. Don’t be a victim.

Recognize yourself as the creator of your life and the circumstances that surround it. Understand that you do have the power to heal yourself. The body is a divine, miraculous organism capable of so much more than you can imagine. Often, when supported with the right foods, healing herbs, and lifestyle choices, it can — and will — heal itself.

2. Dial up your plants.

Adopt an organic, non-GMO plant-based diet immediately and cut out all processed foods, wheat and sugars.

3. Become a neutral expert.

Collect as much information as you can about your condition while — and this is important — maintaining complete neutrality. Get that MRI, CAT scan, blood work and third opinion from the best doctors and specialists you can find. But don’t stop there. Investigate alternative protocols like homeopathy, Ayurveda and/or Chinese medicine. The more informed you are, the more empowered you become to decide on a treatment plan most suited to you.

4. Carefully guard the information you collect during your investigation phase.

The mind is a powerful force (the placebo effect is real, people), so exercise discretion when to comes to sharing your discoveries with others. Connect with supportive people steer clear of naysayers.

5. Tune in to your emotions.

I believe it’s called “dis-ease” because there is a block or trauma in your emotional body. This does not mean that you're at fault, only that there is likely something to discover about the deeper aspects of your self. Inquire deeply into your heart and ask yourself tough questions. How is it manifesting for you? What is going on in your life? Seek spiritual counsel around your disease. Reflect on the emotional aspects of your imbalance.

6. Let go of the need for a quick fix.

You can’t hack your disease. Make the commitment to fully support your body in the face of disease with all the presence you can muster. Show up for you with all of yourself and commit to a long-term lifestyle shift.

7. Adopt an attitude of gratitude.

Make the choice to thank your body for calling attention to the imbalance. Speak to your body and organs, acknowledge them with loving thoughts and emotions. Pledge your support and let your body know that you are committed to true healing. It sounds silly, but it can be highly effective! (It worked for me!)

8. Choose your support circle carefully.

Form a close circle of support comprised of just a select few close friends who will have your back. Be judicious! Trust and positivity are required.

9. Create an iron wall around any naysayers, family or people who do not have the capacity to believe in your healing.

You have no room for any energy but the absolute highest vision of healing. Choose to live in a state of peace.

10. Seek role models.

There are many examples of people across the globe who against all odds have defied logic and medical science to heal. Research these miraculous cases. Surround yourself with their photos. Plant their stories inside your brain. In some cases it may be appropriate to contact them directly for guidance. This is the internet age after all and you might just be surprised how receptive and willing to help people can be. Every such story can provide support to your healing process. Most of all, understand that you have the potential to achieve the same. Why?

Because you are a divine being of God.

Photo courtesy of the author / Photo Credit: Maclay Heriot

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Julie Piatt

Plant-Based Chef & Best-Selling Author
Through embracing a plant-based diet complemented by a deep meditation practice, Julie Piatt healed herself of a large cyst in her neck, which doctors diagnosed as an incurable ailment. This experience gave her an intimate connection to food, and proved to her the miraculous ability of the body to heal itself when supported with pure whole living foods and a connection to the soul. Along with her vegan ultra-endurance athlete husband and fellow MBG contributor Rich Roll, Julie is co-author of The Plantpower Way: Whole Food recipes and Guidance For the Whole Family, available everywhere. Read more about her healing on her blog at SriMati.com.
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Julie Piatt

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