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4 Morning Habits That'll Keep You Happy ALL Day

Optimists are healthier and more successful because they are able to increase their resilience and manage difficult moments with clarity. That's why I...

Dr. Maria Sirois
March 4 2016

The One Saying You Need To Forgive Anybody Who Has Wronged You

Several years ago, a woman named Sharon came to me asking for advice about a friend who had just "divorced" her without discussion. They had been best...

Joan Gattuso
January 11 2016

10 Power Mantras To Help You Combat Stress

The holidays are a sacred season of joy, celebrating with loved ones, giving, and cheer. But they can also conjure stress and loneliness.

Ashley Turner
December 16 2015

5 Calming Mantras To Help You Deal With Difficult People

This article was adapted from a piece originally appearing on YOGANONYMOUS.com.

Emma Mildon
December 14 2015

4 Mantras + Movements To Invite Love

Here are four powerful yoga movements, coupled with mantras that you can use to generate love — both internally for yourself and externally for our...

K. Mae Copham
December 7 2015

5 Mantras To Help You Uncover Your Purpose

You may have been searching for your purpose for what feels like forever. I know what that's like, and I know it can be discouraging.

Lloyd Burnett
November 30 2015

7 Powerful Mantras To Help You Attract The One

In my 20s and early 30s, I used attention from men as a validation card.

Sandra Bienkowski
November 23 2015

The Mindset Shift That Will Help You Get What You Want In Life

Most of us have something we're eager to accomplish; whether it be a novel rattling around inside our heads or a deep-seeded desire to learn the...

Eric Zimmer
November 13 2015

13 Tips To Feel Good Today (They Each Take Less Than 2 Minutes)

We're often told to practice self-love and self-care, but it’s rare that we’re given practical advice on how to actually do it.

Corinne Dobbas
November 8 2015

7 Mantras To Balance Your 7 Chakras

We humans are repetitive beings. As children, we learn by hearing the same stories. As students, we learn by reciting facts. And as adults, we...

Rebekah L. Fraser
August 2 2015

The #1 Mantra You Need To Become The Person You Want To Be

In my early 20s, I went through a devastating health crisis, which turned out to be a totally life-transforming experience. My highly sensitive body...

Katrina Love Senn
June 19 2015

11 Healing Mantras For Natural Weight Loss

When I first began my weight loss journey, I wanted to feel better about myself and my body. I noticed how bad I felt whenever I believed negative...

Katrina Love Senn
June 11 2015

How To Make Every Day Feel Like You're On A Yoga Retreat

At the end of any good workshop or yoga retreat, the most common question asked is: "How do I carry this feeling back to reality?"

Eric Paskel
June 4 2015

16 Mantras For A Happy, Sustained Weight Loss (And Life)

Seven years ago, I set out on an adventure that radically transformed my life. I took the leap and started my weight loss journey. Over the course of...

Naomi Teeter
May 27 2015

How To Feel Good When Mantras & Affirmations Don't Work

Repeating positive mantras throughout the day is a standard recommendation to feel happy and brighten your inner light. But can reciting the...

Suzanne Heyn
April 28 2015

Promise Yourself These 8 Things For A Happy Life

So many people look outside themselves for ways to feel good on the inside. They think self-confidence will come from doing this, having that or...

Domonique Bertolucci
April 8 2015

How To Stop Being So Indecisive All The Time

I'm a big fan of goals (or targets, or headings, and so on). In fact, goal-setting in my household has been an annual thing for so long that my...

Ria Kitsch
March 3 2015

Why You Can Always Begin Again (Even If It Feels Like You Can't)

Last night's mantra in my yoga class was Begin Again. I've frequently written about how I use mantras in my classes and workshops.

Jennifer Pastiloff
February 17 2015

How To Balance Your Root Chakra Using Mantra & Meditation (Video)

The Root Chakra (Muladhara) is located at the base of the spine. It one of the most important chakras, connecting us to our physical bodies as well as...

Lauren Zavlunov
February 1 2015

5 Mantras To Comfort You When You're Feeling Lonely

I moved across the country a few days ago. A one-way ticket 4,817 miles away from my partner, friends, soccer team, and the city I've lived for more...

Megan Bruneau
January 30 2015