Dr. Danielle Dowling

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Dr. Danielle Dowling is a psychologist and life coach. Her book ‘Soul Sessions: A 5-Week Guide To Crafting Greater Joy + Making Big Things Happen In Life’ launched & she’d love it if you downloaded a free sample here.

Danielle’s motto is “It’s never too late to be you.” Her training in psychology informs her work as a life coach and vice versa, giving her clients the best of both. Psychology helps one work through the ‘why’ of current struggles and find the root of toxic behavior. Coaching helps build a present and future most desired.

Dr. Dowling believes that the path to healing & sustainable well-being is found at the juxtaposition between spirituality and neuropsychology. Together, they can heal the past, embrace the present and take a real, active hand in creating a life and future by design.

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