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How To Use Oranges To Welcome Positive Energy Into Your Life

In feng shui philosophy, the scent of oranges and orange peels can bring in happy and life-affirming yang energy. Yang energy is like the sun at high...

Anjie Cho
August 2 2016

Not Into Early Workouts? This 10-Minute Morning Ritual Is All You Need

Remember, consistency beats intensity.

Maria Stenvinkel
July 28 2016

A Morning Tonic That's Packed With Adaptogens

Bring on the adaptogens.

Paula Ferraro
July 7 2016

No, You Don't Have To Feel Grateful All The Time. Here's Why

Letting your true feelings out is totally OK.

Josh Barad
June 25 2016

Mindfulness Tools To Use The Next Time You're Totally Stressed Out

If we have a few tools in our back pockets when stressful events arise, we're more likely to successfully overcome them.

Dr. Francesca Vazquez
June 2 2016

You Have 5 Happiness Muscles. Here's How To Work 'Em

Are you using your happiness muscles the way you should?

Will Jelbert
May 25 2016

28 Tiny Tweaks That Lead To Lasting Happiness

Self-love is the key to blissful living. You deserve to take a moment each day to nurture your mind, body, and soul.

Jamie Molnar
May 24 2016

How Reiki Can Help You Recover From Heartbreak

Reiki is a totally underrated technique for dealing with loss and healing from heartbreak.

Sharna Langlais
May 22 2016

Why A Medium Might Be The Best Person To Help You Quit Emotional Eating

The subconscious mind accounts for an estimated 95 percent of our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. That means that only about 5 percent of the day we...

Bree Melanson
May 20 2016

11 Powerful Questions That Can Help You Transform Your Life

We have to be honest with ourselves about what we want and who we are. In this truthful space, transformation can begin.

Shannon Kaiser
May 11 2016

An Open Letter To Amazing Moms Everywhere

We know you want nothing more than what is best for your loved ones. What you may forget sometimes is that your family wants what’s best for you, too....

Shannon Kaiser
May 8 2016

How To Survive Mother's Day Without A Mother

This spring marked 10 years since I lost my mother. I mean lost in the literal sense: One day she didn’t show up to work, and my family spent the next...

Lindsay Harrison
May 7 2016

5 Ways To Bond With Your Mom On Mother's Day (That Are WAY Better Than Brunch)

Here are five ways to help you and your mom have the happiest Mother’s Day ever (that you can actually do year round).

Marci Shimoff
May 5 2016

Why Mindfulness Is The Key To A Successful Job Search

To be mindful simply means to be present. To remain conscious in your actions. To give purpose to your intent.

Emily Kapit
May 2 2016

The Real Reason You Can't Communicate With Your Partner

To expect you to see the world the same way I do is a huge challenge. We get exasperated because underneath our point of view lies the question “Why...

Linda Carroll, M.S.
May 1 2016

Why You're Not Attracting Financial Abundance (And How To Fix It)

You control your mindset, and your mindset defines your life.

Dr. Danielle Dowling
April 30 2016

3 Anywhere, Anytime Techniques For Cultivating Happiness

Find peace and happiness anytime, anywhere.

Michelle Matthews
April 29 2016

Why Loving Yourself Is The First Step To Fulfilling Relationships (And How To Do It)

There’s only one way to stop the cycle: Learn to validate yourself. Learn to give yourself the attention, approval, love, and acceptance you seek from...

Margaret Paul
April 27 2016

5 Universal Truths I Learned From Being Adopted

I now realize that the point of sharing isn’t to say, “My experience is worse or better, harder or easier, or more or less important than someone...

Lauren Stokes
April 26 2016

How To Slow Down & Stay Present—Even Under Major Stress

Imagine yourself driving behind the proverbial little old lady who's driving 30 mph while you're trying to get to work. She's happily taking her time...

Cara Bradley
April 25 2016