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Meet The Fierce Female Muslim Athletes Behind Nike's Newest Campaign

You haven't seen determination until you've seen these world-class athletes.

Elizabeth Inglese
March 17 2017

I Left The Corporate World To Open A Yoga Studio. Here's How You Can, Too

We caught up with Y7 founder Sarah Levy to find out how she turned her unique passion into a thriving business.

March 16 2017

How Should You Exercise While You're Intermittent Fasting? Doctors Weigh In

What you need to know about how to move on an empty stomach.

Leigh Weingus
March 10 2017

Is Athleisure A Bubble Ready To Burst?

Are you ready to give up your yoga pants? Yeah, didn't think so.

Elizabeth Inglese
March 9 2017

I Work 24/7. Here's How I Find Time To Exercise, Eat Right, & Have Fun

Health coach Nikki Sharp shares the four routines she relies on to stay grounded and get it all done—no matter how busy she gets.

Nikki Sharp
March 7 2017

Want To Manifest Your Dream Business This Year? Here Are 5 Steps To Actually Make It Happen

Here are five ways you can help to start manifesting your dream business today.

March 6 2017

Is Your Gym Nicer Than Your Apartment? How Design And Tech Are Transforming Fitness

With interior designers, high-end amenities, and tech-enabled equipment, up-and-coming gyms are fancy AF.

Elizabeth Inglese
February 27 2017

How Minimalism Can Transform Your Workout

You'll never skip a yoga class again.

Leigh Weingus
February 27 2017

The One T-Shirt Reebok Can't Keep On Its Shelves

Get ready to take your workout to the next level.

Leigh Weingus
February 22 2017