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Why You Should Switch Up Your Workout Routine (From Someone Who Resisted It)

Adding in a few new workout classes outside of your comfort zone can help challenge your body and hone your range of motion.

Alicia Archer
June 14 2017

This Summer, Learn To Love Exercise. Here's How

Yes, it really is possible.

Laurent Amzallag
June 13 2017

Why Summer Is The Best Time To Start Foam Rolling

This is the active recovery method you need in your life, stat.

Leigh Weingus
June 13 2017

17 Quick & Easy Ways To Detox For Summer

Because spring and summer are the best times for a light cleanse.

Jasmine Scalesciani-Hawken
June 11 2017

Dealing With Pain? Relieve It Quickly & Easily With This Ancient Practice

You don't have to live a life of pain—really.

Michael Taylor
June 8 2017

Why Slow Fitness Was What Finally Worked For This Workout Fiend

This is something everyone can get behind.

Leigh Weingus
June 8 2017

I'm An Athlete. Here's How My Body Changed When I Finally Started Yoga

I can't recommend yoga to my fellow athletes enough.

Brock Cannon
June 6 2017

8 Simple Arm-Toning Workouts That You Can Do Anywhere

You're about to get so strong.

Taylor Walker Sinning
June 5 2017

How Much Yoga Is Too Much Yoga?

There really is such a thing. Let's talk about it.

Leigh Weingus
June 5 2017

Why This Climber Made It To The Top Of The World's Most Dangerous Peak — When No One Else Could

Alex Honnold has free solo climbed Yosemite's El Capitan, making him the first person ever to do so. Here's his secret.

Allison Daniels
June 4 2017

8 Things You Need To Know Today (June 2)

All the wellness news you need to know, including how coffee can boost your workouts, how Ariel Winter is defending her "beach body," and the new...

Leigh Weingus
June 2 2017

What The Workout Routines Of Doctors Actually Look Like

It's time to take your tips from the pros.

Leigh Weingus
June 1 2017

Long Weekend Left You Bloated? These Workouts Can Fix That

Because we all eat too much once in a while.

Leigh Weingus
May 29 2017

The Morning Wellness Ritual That Keeps Actress Anna Camp So Damn Perky

This is exactly how Anna Camp eats, exercises, and rejuvenates to stay pretty and peppy.

Elizabeth Inglese
May 25 2017