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It Took Me 10 Years To Diagnose My Lyme Disease. Here's What I Wish I'd Known

3. There are several reasons why a test for Lyme may be falsely negative.

Rachel Straub
September 8 2017

Could This Hidden Deficiency Explain Why You're So Tired All The Time?

Do you wake up tired on the reg? Then it's time to get your iron levels checked out.

September 5 2017

Exactly How To Know If Your Blood Sugar Is Out Of Whack

How do you know if your blood sugar is stable? Our resident expert answers that + more of your burning sugar questions.

William Cole, D.C.
August 30 2017

The Nighttime Routine That Cured My Insomnia & Anxiety

Try it out for yourself tonight.

Kelsey J. Patel
August 8 2017

What's The New Butter Coffee? The Plant-Based Superfood Beverage You Will Love

Butter coffee has swept the nation—but what to do if you're vegan or you don't like caffeine? Enter THIS drink.

Rachel Mansfield
August 3 2017

A Holistic Neurologist Explains Your Low-Energy Levels On A Cellular Level

Let's talk about mitochondria.

Ilene Ruhoy, M.D., Ph.D.
August 3 2017

5 Ways To Recover From Deep Fatigue

Always tired? Could be a sign.

Sylvia North
July 21 2017

These Are A Dietitian's Secrets To Staying Energized All Day (Seriously)

Not a morning person? Peep this dietitian's routine to help you simplify and streamline your mornings.

Megan Roosevelt
July 10 2017

Tired All The Time? Here Are 3 Surprising Things That Will Banish Your Fatigue

Put down that coffee and try one of these alternative therapies.

Kim Crawford, M.D., ABAARM
June 27 2017

The Scientific Secret To Having Tons Of Energy Every Single Day

Tired all the time? Here's how to banish fatigue, according to science.

Kim Crawford, M.D., ABAARM
June 16 2017

The Crystal Rituals That Will Amplify Your Astrological Potential This June

It's all about clear communication this June.

Heather Askinosie
June 9 2017

What Even Is A 'Vibration' + How Do You Raise It?

Good vibes only.

Bridget Raateland
May 30 2017

I Tried A Diet Based On At-Home Blood + Genetic Testing: Here's What Happened

With the Habit "personalized nutrition" test, learn how to eat based on your own unique biology—not someone else's.

Pat Bailey
May 17 2017

Is Energy Healing Bogus? Here's Everything You Need To Know

You’re not going to be offensive as long as the questions come from a respectful and sincere place.

Sarah Farris
May 16 2017