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A Doctor's Best Tips For Optimizing Energy Levels

Energy crisis? We can help with that.

Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum
February 21 2017

A Psychic Explains How To Find Your Spiritual Guidance Squad

Not to worry—you probably have some winged messengers at your disposal.

Tanya Carroll Richardson
February 16 2017

This Immune-Boosting Greens Powder Is Basically Nutritional Gold

Registered Dietitian Miranda Hammer shows us how—and why—she incorporates greens powder into her meals to supercharge her food with extra nutrition.

Miranda Hammer
February 15 2017

Food Energetics: What It Is + Why You Should Care

Your lunch could be affecting your energy more than you think.

Angela Watson Robertson
February 11 2017

What Your Period's Actually Telling You About Your Health

Here's why your hormones, digestion, and liver function are all connected.

Kirsten Karchmer
February 3 2017

Cultivate Positive Energy At Home With This Ancient Practice

These four quick steps will make even the tiniest of spaces feel expansive.

Emily Coit
February 1 2017

5 Healing, High-Vibe Crystals To Welcome The Chinese New Year

The sun is on the horizon, and a new day is calling. With your crew of crystal allies, you are ready to take on all the opportunities that the Year of...

Heather Askinosie
January 28 2017

7 Things You Need To Know Today (January 27)

The top wellness news for January 27, 2017, including good news for solar energy, Panera's smart move, and what we can all learn from Finland.

Leigh Weingus
January 27 2017

Does Your Space Support Your Intentions? Use This Holistic Home Checklist To Find Out

As a feng shui consultant, I encourage my clients to view their home as the holder of their dreams.

Jayme Barrett
January 25 2017

Psychiatrist Roxanna Namavar's Tips For Finding Connection Through Energetic Commonalities

“We’re all kind of searching for that connection with ourselves and the purpose of why we’re here.”

January 20 2017

3 Simple Things You Can Do To Organize Your Life Right Now

You know how the saying goes: "Out with the old, and in with the new."

Francesca Verri
January 16 2017

4 Signs You're Making Progress On Your Fitness Goals, Despite What The Scale Says

If that number isn't budging, here's what you should know.

Julian Hayes II
January 15 2017

Intermittent Fasting Freed Me From Food: Here's Why

How intermittent fasting freed me from food and low energy.

Nathan Wiebe
January 9 2017

Tired All The Time? This Is The Likely Culprit

The easiest way to become a morning person.

Tiffany Lester, M.D.
January 6 2017

I'm A Nutritionist: Here's How I Bounce Back When I'm Run-Down

Get back your energy with 7 simple steps.

Joanne Makwana
January 5 2017

How To Harness Your Wild Feminine & Masculine Energies

Connect to who you really are, regardless of external pressures or societal norms.

Daniela Schmutz
December 30 2016

Gentle Ways To Cleanse After A Major Holiday Indulgence

Essential oil belly rubs count.

Fern Olivia
December 24 2016

3 Colors That Can Instantly Boost Your Mood: An Energy Reader Explains

Red roses serve as physical manifestations of this vibrant tone.

Dougall Fraser
December 17 2016