Vishen Lakhiani

Entrepreneur & Best-Selling Author

Vishen is the Founder of Mindvalley. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and stumbled onto meditation when he was 26 as a way to cope with the stress of working for a startup in Silicon Valley. The results he got from bringing personal growth into his workplace were so stunning he went from a junior hire to VP of the company in seven months. He then went on to start Mindvalley—a video platform that is now home to hundreds of world-class teachers and a thriving global community.

Today, Vishen is listed in the Watkins list as one of the top 100 Most Influential Spiritual teachers of 2022. His show, The Mindvalley Podcast, is ranked among the top 5 percent of all podcasts worldwide. His first book The Code of the Extraordinary Mind is now translated into 25 languages. His second book The Buddha and the Badass hit #1 on the Wall Street Journal and various business bestseller lists.

Vishen’s widely practiced 6 Phase Meditation—which is hailed by famous athletes and celebrities—was recently published as a book in September 2022, and instantly became a bestseller and top meditation book of 2022.

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