Karen S. Lee, D.C., MPH

Contributing writer

Karen S. Lee, D.C., MPH, is a retired Chiropractor-turned cookbook author and blogger who shares tried-and-true allergy-friendly recipes on her website, drkarenslee.com. She graduated Chiropractic school with Magna Cum Laude and became a holistic practitioner, treating patients and their various ailments with standard chiropractic care, acupuncture, nutrition therapy and general wellness coaching. Lee believes many illnesses can be reversed through proper diet, supplements, and stress management protocols. Through learning about how a healthier lifestyle can confront her children’s increasing health challenges, she now shares her knowledge on her website and works to build a community among like-minded people who would rather focus on prevention than sickness. Her most recent cookbook is called No-Thaw Paleo Cooking in Your Instant Pot.

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