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Julie Wilcox, MS

4 Yoga Poses For Sexy Arms

If you're working on developing long lean muscles to flaunt at the beach, it's time to learn yoga arm balances. Arm balances are an incredible way to...

Julie Wilcox, MS
July 28 2014

Improve Your Balance & Strengthen Your Core With These Fun Exercises!

Your ability to balance gives you a world of knowledge about your level of fitness.

Julie Wilcox, MS
July 4 2014

A 3-Minute Yoga Flow You Can Do Anytime, Anywhere

If your schedule is hectic and you're tight on time, you can still practice yoga — in less than three minutes! Though not a replacement for a complete...

Julie Wilcox, MS
March 12 2014

A Simple Sequence That Will Help Your Back

Holiday travel is right around the corner, and we all know that sitting in planes, trains and automobiles often causes stress in our bodies. If you're...

Julie Wilcox, MS
December 19 2013

Super Easy Turmeric Salad Dressing (Recipe)

Rich and earthy in flavor, turmeric is wonderful to have handy in your kitchen for cooking purposes as well as for your health and longevity. Recent...

Julie Wilcox
July 17 2013

10 Reasons I Love Ashtanga Yoga

The idea is for every student to master each posture and series before moving on to the next.

Julie Wilcox, MS
July 10 2013

10-Minute Morning Yoga Tone-Up (Video)

There's nothing like a great morning yoga sequence to get you out of bed with comfort, balance, and ease. Join Julie Wilcox for this 10-minute morning...

Julie Wilcox
April 26 2013

20-Minute Yoga Video To Improve Balance And Feel Great

This 20-minute strength-building, grounding, and body-opening yoga video will elevate your energy and leave you feeling and looking amazing. 

Julie Wilcox
April 17 2013

12 Ways to Engage & Optimize Your Creative Mind

Twelve things Johan Lehrer suggests we can do to work through problems and issues by tapping into our creative minds.

Julie Wilcox
June 26 2012

Vegan & Vegetarian Soup Recipes for Spring & Summer

It's time to share my next round of seasonal vegetarian and vegan soup recipes.

Julie Wilcox
May 21 2012

What You Need to Know About Colonic Therapy

Colonic therapy was foreign to me until I interviewed colonic hygienist Gil Jacobs.

Julie Wilcox
May 19 2012

10 Ways to Beat Sugar

Sugar slips into your diet unnoticed more than any other fat-building substance.

Julie Wilcox
April 27 2012

Why Flexibility Is Important to Your Health

Maintaining and enhancing one’s flexibility is a life-long process.

Julie Wilcox, MS
April 19 2012