Jillian Harris & Tori Wesszer

Co-author of Fraiche Food, Full Hearts

JILLIAN HARRIS is the founder and creative director of Jillian Harris Design and The Jilly Academy, co-author of the bestseller Fraiche Food, Full Hearts, and co-founder of The Jilly Box. Jillian is passionate about love, family, philanthropy, advocacy, fashion, food, decor, and much more. Jillian’s signature style is both classic and feminine, and her eye for design and decor is enviable. Her work with local charities fuels her desire to help those in need and give back to those less fortunate. Her biggest passion is her family, which includes her fiancé Justin Pasutto, son Leo, daughter Annie, and dogs Nacho Cilantro and Peaches Pasutto.

TORI WESSZER is the founder of Fraîche Living, a lifestyle blog where she shares her passion for good food made with love along with ideas for making life simpler and more beautiful; founder of the Fraîche Table meal plan; a registered dietitian; and co-author of the bestseller Fraiche Food, Full Hearts. Tori and her husband Charles, share a love for good food and their young sons, Charlie and Max, are already rolling up their sleeves in the kitchen. Passionate about giving back, Tori and her team at Fraîche Living, support a variety of charities both locally and globally.