Hayley Wood

Hayley Wood

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Hayley Wood is a licensed esthetician based in Los Angeles, California. She opened her Therapeutic Skin Coaching practice in 2014 after a run-in with shingles. Wood is also certified in facial reflexology and gua sha, and uses all nontoxic and environmentally friendly products to create intuitive facials unique to each client.



For my self-care, I very much enjoy the simple things in life. My husband James and I love to cook, hike, do yoga, watch movies (she's quite the movie buff) and play with our husky, Josie. We currently reside in Los Angeles but love to travel and fall in love with all parts of the world. I'm a licensed esthetician, facial reflexologist, Reiki practitioner, and writer/educator in the state of California. I have previously been licensed in Wisconsin and Texas.