Harris Schwartzberg

Invisible Illness Contributor

Harris Schwartzberg, principal at Two Bridge, has been investing in controlling positions in healthcare companies and real estate for over 30 years. The private investment vehicle includes a variety of property types (student housing, commercial real estate, assisted living, skilled nursing and retail properties) and operating businesses (skilled nursing, senior housing, mental health tech, healthcare tech, rehabilitation therapy, institutional pharmacy, hospice, fashion, art, etc). Mr. Schwartzberg is a very active philanthropist with a focus on mental health advocacy and the arts. He is currently on the board of the University of Michigan Depression Center, Cognitive Behavioral Consultants Foundation and BringChange2Mind. The Schwartzberg family has funded numerous research projects, high school programs and training facilities related to mental health. Mr. Schwartzberg is an active supporter of the arts and is on the board of the Dramatist Guild Foundation and the advisor.