Elyssa Jakim

Reiki Master

Elyssa Jakim works in the healing arts as a Reiki master, meditation leader, wellness writer, and child educator. She is a co-founder of Fairy School at the Maha Rose Center for Healing (Greenpoint, Brooklyn), an afterschool program devoted to nurturing the magic that
children already possess. Her adventures in healing began when she was studying acting and trained in Fitzmaurice Voicework, Lucid Body, and the Alexander Technique.

Elyssa got her BA from Harvard University in Visual and Environmental Studies. Always a bit of an eccentric and passionate about the mysteries of human nature, she wrote her thesis on the inner spaces of boudoirs and dressing rooms under the tutelage of Marjorie Garber. She has just completed (and begun) a warriorship mastery program with Sandra Van Olmen. Visit her at her website.

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