Britta Plug

Britta Plug

Holistic Esthetician & Skin Care Expert

In her early teens, Britta taught herself a pressure-point facial massage she found in the back of a DIY aromatherapy book. She practiced her new skill on friends at sleepover parties, and she’s been dedicated to healing skin care ever since. She is a licensed esthetician and holistic health coach with over 12 years of experience, holds an international skin-care diploma (CIDESCO), and is engaged in ongoing studies of meditation, herbalism, nutrition, and yoga.

Seeing each client’s need for personalized, skin-positive care, Britta weaves ancient and modern modes of healing into Facial Attunement™. She calls upon techniques, from Traditional Chinese Medicine and ayurveda to detoxifying massage and LED therapy, for a tailored experience. As part of her practice, each client receives customized take-home tools and strategies, empowering us all to joyously take our skin transformation into our own hands.

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What is your wellness philosophy?

There is no one size fits all wellness regimen! We are all unique and complex beings, and different ways of meditating, exercising, eating and different skin care options are going to work for different people.

What brought you into wellness?

I found my way to wellness through un-wellness on many levels. Chronic illness and autoimmune issues, trauma and addiction, had left me desperate to feel better. I sought relief, and piece by piece a whole world of healing opened up to me. From yoga, meditation and Buddhist studies to recovery, nutrition, and herbal medicine the past 10 years have truly been a deep dive into learning how to become well physically, emotionally and spiritually.

What does You. We. All. mean to you?

Neither healing nor inspiration happen in a vacuum! Even as extreme introvert, I can't deny the magic that intensifies when we gather in community with a common intention.

What renews you?

Time spent alone, in nature, in silence. Also, dancing. Preferably in the dark, pulling all the weird moves.

What's your favorite ritual?

My beauty rituals of course! I find so much grounding and soothing for my often frazzled nervous system in doing my facial gua sha ritual, taking salt baths, and slathering myself head to toe in beautiful oils. The plants contained in the beauty products I use, infuse a little dose of nature into my city life.