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Alexandra Roxo

A Mind-Expanding Ritual To Ring In Tomorrow's New Moon In Gemini

This next moon cycle, let the Gemini mind take you to far-out places and open doors to potential you didn't even know was possible.

Alexandra Roxo
June 12 2018

A Reinvention Ritual To Harness The New Moon In Aries

The ultimate sign of the self, Aries stands tall, fiery, and ready to begin again.

Alexandra Roxo
April 14 2018

A New Moon Ritual For Cutting The Cord On Limiting Beliefs

The Pisces new moon asks us to leave toxic thoughts by the wayside.

Alexandra Roxo
March 17 2018

A New Moon Ritual For Getting Quiet & Letting Go Of 2017

The Sagittarius transit through Saturn makes this an extra potent time to let go.

Alexandra Roxo
December 16 2017

How To Expand Your Spiritual Practice WAY Beyond Meditation

Meditation is almost quieting the mind; this is about letting it scream.

Alexandra Roxo
September 22 2017

This Mental Trick Makes It Way Easier To Accept Change

Is there a way to gracefully undergo massive change and transformation? Yes. And here's how.

Alexandra Roxo
May 20 2017

How To Maximize Your New Moon Ritual Just In Time For This Weekend

The night sky is a blank canvas for our intentions once again!

Alexandra Roxo
February 24 2017