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mbg Contributor
Alexandra Roxo is the co-founder of Moon Club, a global monthly mentorship program dedicated to women's empowerment and moon rituals and a transformational coach and healer.
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"But I want to be an actress!" I proclaimed to my first spiritual mentor when he told 12-year-old me that one day I would be working as a healer and teacher, helping other women.

My magical medicine took me a while to stumble upon, though it always seemed so clear to those around me. I expressed my feelings through art and wanted that to be my work, but I've always been really good at helping the people around me become their best selves. I see the magic in people, their power, and their potential so clearly.

Most of my life, I would give away advice and help, mostly to people who were suffering and in pain and knowing they weren't living in their "Zone of Genius" as Gay Hendricks says in the amazing book The Big Leap. I could see and feel someone's "Zone of Genius" from a mile away. I could also see their blocks from a mile away.

This coaching dynamic cost me some friendships and romantic relationships, but I learned that this was my medicine for others, and I had better make it a business ASAP, so I stopped giving it free all over town. I got up the courage to make a website and start. And I am so happy I did. 

Why the Gemini new moon is the time to play up your inherent skills and talents.

I tell this story now because new moons—like the one we have coming up—represent the perfect time to see and magnify your magical medicine for the world. Your genius. Your story. The thing you are so good at that it doesn't feel like work. 

It's the time to ask yourself, "Why am I not spending at least half my life doing this thing that I am so amazing at? What is stopping me?"

This moon is here to remind us that we all have genius. Talent. Magic. Medicine for the world. You did not get left out—trust me! It takes courage to see, feel, and honor your gifts—but now is the time.

When you commit to your greatness, you will be tested in return.

For this new moon, sit down and consider the following questions. Writing your initial thoughts down in a journal isn't a bad idea:

  1. What did you love doing when you were a kid?
  2. How often do you do it now?
  3. What do people say you're amazing at?
  4. What makes time pass for you and feels really good?
  5. What makes you feel most alive?
  6. What ignites a fire in your belly?
  7. What magic of yours would be tragic if you didn't give it to the world before you die?

Now, pick one response to focus on this cycle. Start small, by finding a way to do it more than you are doing it now. I'm going to predict that the moment you pick the thing, you will manifest a series of tests, obstacles, and what my friends and I call "fireworks" that will test your courage, resolve, and grit. When you commit to your greatness, you will be tested in return!

Have fun with the tests. Laugh at them. "Ha! I won't let a flat tire get in the way of me and my magical mission! HELL NO!" And keep going. This is transformation. We identify what expansion is calling us. We find the courage to walk toward it. And then we get ready for the obstacles and tests that will strengthen us for this magnificent place of living a life giving our magic to the world.

For me, it took massive courage to step into this zone, and I keep asking myself to step into giving more magic and more of my medicine to the world, even when parts of me say, "But wait! I already did it. Can't I retire now?" I laugh at those voices. And I encourage you to laugh too when anything comes between you and your greatness.

Happy new moon.

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