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A 3-Minute Meditation For People Who Don't Meditate (Video)

I practiced yoga for six years before discovering the profound power of meditation. In those years I spent hours each week doing more and more yoga to...

Lizzie Lasater
July 2 2015

Why We Should All Focus On Giving, Rather Than Receiving

Upon waking each day we often start with thoughts of what we have to accomplish or acquire, quickly spinning us into action mode. But what if we spent...

Jennie Lee
June 30 2015

Why People Who Get On Your Nerves Can Be Your Greatest Teachers

Sometimes our most negative encounters can offer us great spiritual guidance. For instance, I once had a blow-out fight with a woman at a car rental...

Gabrielle Bernstein
June 10 2015

How To Live More Fearlessly By Connecting With Your Highest Self

One of the most universal human fears is the fear of dying. It is instinctual to act in ways that preserve life and rightly so, for we are not meant...

Jennie Lee
May 24 2015

3 Spiritual Practices To See Your True Self More Clearly

The number one obstacle on our journey toward greater awareness of self is thinking that we know something when we really do not.

Jennie Lee
May 2 2015

5 Habits To Maintain Inner Peace & Sanity In A Chaotic World

There are many advantages to solitude, ashram life and connection to nature, but when you're caught up in the hustle and bustle of big city, mindful...

Alba Creales
February 28 2015

Embrace These 3 Limbs Of Yoga To Quiet Anxious Thoughts

Most of us have probably experienced feelings of being overwhelmed, stressed out, worried and fearful. Whether you experience these emotions...

Anna Schott
February 11 2015

Just Because I'm Christian Doesn't Mean I Can't Practice Yoga

I am a Christian who practices, teaches and encourages others to do yoga. In the years since I began my practice, I have heard many times from the...

Jennifer Chisam
December 2 2014

Can The "Namaste Effect" Help You Create A Successful Business?

In 2009 I made a radical change. I quit a high-paying, promising corporate career to pursue a dream: to build and run a retreat center in Mexico. I...

Jean-Baptiste Belledent
November 17 2014

Want To Deepen Your Practice? Try Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga yoga was created by Sri. K. Patabhi Jois. It consists of six series, each containing its own sequence of asanas.

Smriti Kirubanandan
November 9 2014

Just Because You're Into Yoga Doesn't Mean You Have To Meditate

In the 15 years thus far of my yoga journey, the act of meditation has always been difficult for me.

Rina Jakubowicz
October 31 2014

How To Get Your Baby To Sleep Through The Night

Editor's Note: Always follow the guidance of your pediatrician first, especially when birth weight and feeding regimen are concerned. An infant is...

Karan Bajaj
October 14 2014

10 Lessons I’ve Learned In My First Year As A Yoga Teacher

My first year of yoga brought fearful, awkward, and funny moments— here's what I learned.

Jenna Longoria
October 9 2014