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A 5-Minute Energizing Yoga Sequence You Can Do With Your Kid

Adults can get in on these sun salutations too.

Erica Golub
August 7 2016

7 Kid-Friendly Yoga Poses To Avoid Morning Meltdowns

Just three minutes of yoga can help avoid temper tantrums.

Mariam Gates
March 7 2016

12 Kid-Friendly Yoga Poses To Focus And Destress

Yoga offers a plethora of benefits for both adults and children, including improved mental focus, enhanced discipline, physical fitness, better...

Teresa Anne Power
December 30 2015

5 Kid-Friendly Yoga Poses To Help Children Cultivate Patience

Traveling with the kids this season? Most parents know that achieving actual R&R is no small feat, especially when it comes to the actual departure...

Erika Prafder
December 10 2015

Meet The World's First Yoga Doll

Here at mbg, we frequently write about issues with Barbie, and how she's not the best role model for young girls today. Thankfully, there are a few...

Gabrielle Frank
October 12 2015

Why Kids Need Yoga In Their Lives (Now More Than Ever)

Who would have thought the ancient Eastern art of yoga is equally beneficial for a child's well-being, as well as our own?

Cheryl MacDonald
May 22 2015

Mother's Day Yoga: 17 Photos That Will Warm Your Heart

Happy Mother's Day to all generations of moms everywhere — from grandmothers to great-grandmothers, expectant mothers and stepmothers, to the...

Robert Sturman
May 10 2015

5 Kid-Friendly Yoga Poses To Help Your Child Avoid A Meltdown

Maybe it’s a refusal to put on a hat, maybe it’s wanting to get out of the car, or not get out of the car — whatever the trigger (and it can be...

Mariam Gates
April 19 2015

Why I Teach Yoga To Kids With Cancer

I teach a special yoga program designed for pediatric cancer patients undergoing aggressive treatments at MD Anderson Children's Cancer Hospital in...

Amie Koronczok
February 20 2015

Get To Know Jaysea DeVoe, America's Youngest Yoga Teacher

By now we're all familiar with the many benefits of yoga for kids. But for 13-year-old Jaysea DeVoe from Encinitas, Calif., it wasn't long before her...

Andrea Rice
January 31 2015

15 Trends In Yoga & Meditation To Try In 2015

The new year is a fine time to try new things — even in the realm of yoga. If you want to enhance your usual practice or invite more spirituality into...

Andrea Rice
December 27 2014

A Polar Express-Themed Yoga Sequence For Kids

This time of year for children is so magical — they can hardly contain their joy and excitement!

Mary Mcguire
December 24 2014

The One Thing That Helps Students Be More Successful

Education, self-awareness and coping skills are all crucial to our development. And not only are they important, some would argue they are also...

Erin Nicole Haley
December 17 2014

6 Yoga Poses To Do With Your Kids

Sharing yoga with your child gives them the gift of being active. There are many benefits to a kids yoga practice, and they'll learn at a young age...

Sasha Taylor North
December 6 2014

A Kids Yoga Sequence That Teaches Gratitude

The art of being thankful is an amazing reason to celebrate on any occasion. Moreover, it's also good for your health! Gratitude provides a wonderful...

Mary Mcguire
November 24 2014