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These Are A Dietitian's Secrets To Staying Energized All Day (Seriously)

Not a morning person? Peep this dietitian's routine to help you simplify and streamline your mornings.

Megan Roosevelt
July 10 2017
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3 Superfood-Packed Breakfast Recipes With 5 Ingredients Or Less

These nutrient-packed breakfasts with simple ingredients will have you stepping out the door with a spring in your step!

Phoebe Lapine
February 24 2017

Minimalist Makeover: How Simplifying Your Life Will Bring You Major Happiness

In today's age of tiny homes, Soylent, and capsule wardrobes, you don't have to look far to see minimalism's touch.

Emma Loewe
November 14 2016

How I Pared Down My Wardrobe & Decluttered My Mind For Good

How entrepreneur Tara Milhem has strategically simplified her wardrobe & life to make time for her business, friends, and workouts.

Tara Milhem
October 12 2016
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Yes, This Book Will Absolutely Change Your Life

"What if the whole world shifted from the undisciplined pursuit of more to the disciplined pursuit of less—only better?"

September 16 2016

Essentials For A Minimalist Kitchen

Erin Boyle, the writer, photographer, and minimalist behind "Reading My Tea Leaves," shares her essentials for a minimalist kitchen.

Erin Boyle
March 21 2016

The Real Secret To A Happy & Abundant Life

One spring afternoon in Atlanta, when my daughter was three-years-old, she invited a friend from daycare to walk to the neighborhood playground with...

10 Ways To Stop Stressing & Start Living Peacefully

If you’re anything like me, you might worry like it’s a second job: if the coffee is good or bad, if we'll get that promotion, and what diseases the...

Tina Williamson
November 9 2013

Why You Should Spend Money On Stuff You Use All the Time

I abide by a few simple rules that contribute greatly to my daily happiness.

MeiMei Fox
October 26 2013

5 Steps To Take Charge Of Your Unruly To-Do List

There's always so much to do. Everyone demands your attention and time; you come to the end of the 24-hour period called a day, and your to-do list is...

Rebecca Hulse
March 11 2013