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PAID CONTENT FOR Penguin Random House Audio

How To Revamp Your Reading Routine This Spring + 7 Books To Start With

How to check off that summer reading list once and for all.

April 24 2017
PAID CONTENT FOR Penguin Random House Audio

8 Seriously Inspiring Audiobooks For People Who Don't Have Time To Read

This collection of audiobooks—focused on self-care, spirituality, and health and fitness—will help even the busiest person work on personal growth and...

Rebecca Stump
January 11 2017

How To Be A Great Listener (In A World Where Everyone's On Their Phones)

One of the biggest complaints I hear from my clients is that no one ever listens anymore. Here's why deep listening has amazing hidden benefits, and...

Leslie Carr, PsyD
February 25 2016

How I Found Peace After Being Cheated On & Ending My Marriage

I did not want to just survive divorce, ignore the pain by being busy, or pretend that I was feeling happy.

Elli Boland
June 4 2014

5 Daily Practices To Improve Your Memory

The ability to recall information and experiences wasn’t something I'd given much thought to before.

Rucha Tadwalkar
November 1 2013

One Skill That Will Improve ALL Your Relationships

Listening seems quite basic, which is why most people believe they are excellent at it. The skill is actually more complex and more important than...