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I Became Obsessed With My Ex-Boyfriend's Girlfriend

I paid more attention to the fact that I “lost him to another woman” and less to the fact that I was “losing me"

Lynn Newman
May 9 2015

10 Times When Jealousy Is Actually Healthy In A Relationship

When jealousy in a romantic relationship hits, it wells up inside of us, a unique mix of sadness, competition, anger. It feels like an immune reaction...

Charlotte Lieberman
December 19 2014

How I Transformed From Insanely Jealous To Immensely Confident

"My emotions got the best of me, and my brain began to spin with a tortured internal dialogue."

Patrice Herbst
December 12 2014

8 Warning Signs Of An Abusive Relationship (Infographic)

Domestic violence is a serious issue, and one of the most difficult challenges in attempting to reduce it is that those close to victims often remain...

June 25 2014

3 Ways To Deal With Jealousy

I'm guilty. I compare myself to others, especially impeccably-styled girls on Instagram and friends who seem to be perpetually on a Caribbean...

Brynn Johnson
January 20 2014

How To Get A Grip On Your Jealousy

Of all the emotions that we find painful, jealousy is probably the one that stabs most sharply. Though it can be subtle, a faintly stabbing flicker —...

​How To Avoid Competing With Your Friends

“You made how much money from your last freelance project?” I asked my friend after she told me what she got paid for a freelance writing assignment.

Jennifer Blanchard
September 22 2013

When Jealousy Is A Good Thing...

Not sure if you’re really, truly connecting to your power?