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I Became Obsessed With My Ex-Boyfriend's Girlfriend

I paid more attention to the fact that I “lost him to another woman” and less to the fact that I was “losing me"

Lynn Newman
May 9 2015

Why You Can't Be Real With Your Partner + How To Fix It

For years, I knew I had trouble communicating authentically in my relationships. But I had no idea what exactly was going on psychologically. Was I...

Tanner Kennedy
April 17 2015

How To Cure A Bad Case Of The "Shoulds"

I wish I could begin this post by telling you that I'm a human who is immune to jealousy, self-doubt, or second thoughts.

Sarah Von Bargen
March 30 2015

3 Messages Your Envy Has For You

I'm sure we've all felt envy. Maybe it's the green monster that flared up when your office nemesis got that promotion for which you've been working...

Mytrae Meliana
March 18 2015

How Jealousy Totally Transformed My Life (In A Good Way)

My jealousy was definitely not your typical, I'm-insecure-over-your-ex-girlfriend, kind of jealousy. It was the...

Patrice Herbst
January 30 2015

Why Men & Women Get Jealous For Different Reasons

I can't see the word "jealous" without associating it immediately with Nick Jonas — for two reasons. First, his hit single "Jealous" has been stuck in...

Emi Boscamp
January 9 2015

10 Times When Jealousy Is Actually Healthy In A Relationship

When jealousy in a romantic relationship hits, it wells up inside of us, a unique mix of sadness, competition, anger. It feels like an immune reaction...

Charlotte Lieberman
December 19 2014

How I Transformed From Insanely Jealous To Immensely Confident

"My emotions got the best of me, and my brain began to spin with a tortured internal dialogue."

Patrice Herbst
December 12 2014

Feeling Bad About Yourself? Why A Facebook Detox Could Help

Like many of us, my full-time job mostly involves working at a computer. Checking Facebook at any spare moment throughout the day became part of my...

Lindsey Siehda
October 31 2014

Women Aren't The Only Ones Who Get Insecure About Their Bodies

I remember the first time I started to feel bad about my body. My wife and I were at an outdoor restaurant when a man jogged past us. This guy could...

Kimanzi Constable
September 22 2014

8 Warning Signs Of An Abusive Relationship (Infographic)

Domestic violence is a serious issue, and one of the most difficult challenges in attempting to reduce it is that those close to victims often remain...

June 25 2014

3 Ways To Deal With Jealousy

I'm guilty. I compare myself to others, especially impeccably-styled girls on Instagram and friends who seem to be perpetually on a Caribbean...

Brynn Johnson
January 20 2014

How To Get A Grip On Your Jealousy

Of all the emotions that we find painful, jealousy is probably the one that stabs most sharply. Though it can be subtle, a faintly stabbing flicker —...

​How To Avoid Competing With Your Friends

“You made how much money from your last freelance project?” I asked my friend after she told me what she got paid for a freelance writing assignment.

Jennifer Blanchard
September 22 2013

When Jealousy Is A Good Thing...

Not sure if you’re really, truly connecting to your power? 

How to Ensure That Jealousy Doesn't Destroy You

How often to you feel pleased and happy for your friends or loved ones when something good comes their way?

Caroline Rushforth
October 23 2012