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Can A Music Festival Be 100 Percent Sustainable? 7 Creative Ways Festivals Are Getting Close

Festivals large and small all over the world are experimenting with ways to cut down on waste, support local and organic agriculture, and lower their...

Alden Wicker
August 12 2016

I Moved Into A Tiny Space With No Running Water, Toilet Or Fridge & I'm Happier Than Ever

I recently fulfilled a life-long dream when I moved into a van with my husband, Mat.

Danielle Chabassol
July 23 2015

11 Super-Cute, Eco-Friendly Items To Gift This Season

Not your typical eco-friendly gift guide, healthy living chef, author and TV host Candice Kumai shares 11 super-cute, eco-chic gifts that you'd buy...

Candice Kumai
December 9 2014

An Eco-Chic Holiday Gift Guide For The Wandering Yogi

Give the gift of karma this holiday season with a sustainable, eco-friendly present, that will keep your favorite nomadic yogi in the present. We've...

Andrea Rice
December 1 2014

The UK Now Has A Bus That's Powered By Poop

With global climate change already affecting people's lives in tangible ways, countries around the world are unveiling new strategies to reduce their...

Emi Boscamp
November 21 2014

What I Wish Everyone Knew About Rhinos

The first rhinos my wife Beverly and I saw certainly impressed me. Then again, who wouldn’t be impressed by a four-ton prehistoric animal coming at...

Dereck Joubert
July 8 2014

7 Tips To Eat Vegan Anywhere In The World

The prepared traveller can essentially go anywhere and eat vegan, healthy, and well. Here's how

Joel Kahn, M.D.
February 19 2014

23 Tips To Feel & Look Great When You Travel

There’s an art to traveling ... and an even finer art in feeling and looking great while doing so. Traveling often leaves us feeling (and looking)...

Michele Conigliaro
December 4 2013

You Don't Have To Be A Tree-Hugging Hippie To Save The World

We all want to leave our mark in the world, just never in the form of a carbon footprint.

Zoey Flowers
October 4 2013

​15 Tips To Travel Like A Wellness Warrior

Traveling is awesome, but it can also take a major toll on your body if you’re not careful. Many of us get so caught up in the excitement of visiting...

Jess Ainscough
September 23 2013

10 Things I Wish All Americans Knew About Toxins

There are currently 82,000 synthetic chemicals in the foods we eat, the toys our children touch, the products we use to clean our homes, the air we...

Ed Brown
August 6 2013

How To Make Friends In Your Yoga Community

Sure, you know The Beatles song "Dear Prudence." But which of these facts about the song are true?

Partner Post
June 10 2013

5 Questions To Ask Yourself The Next Time You Travel

When you travel, your habits reveal themselves. You learn what triggers impatience, fear, anxiety, physical patterns of sitting, standing and where...

Silvia Mordini
March 3 2013

Yogi's Guide To Tulum

Tulum has become a mecca for conscious travelers, eco-friendly tourists, and upscale city-dwellers looking for paradise.

Tara Mullarkey
January 25 2013

Don't Spend Your Money On A Yoga Retreat Unless...

With all the choices you have in yoga retreats, how do you know you're booking a quality one? How can you ensure that your next trip exceeds your...

Silvia Mordini
January 24 2013

7 Ways A Yoga Retreat Can Change Your Life

I lead yoga retreats all around the world. What I have found through my experience with this is that they are life-changing. You may ask, "Why would I...

Jennifer Pastiloff
January 16 2013

Simple Tips to Stay Green on Your Next Vacation

Living green is not just something to practice at home. We have a responsibility to try to live it in all we do—even when we go on vacation.

Silvia Mordini
November 29 2012

5 Reasons Why Retreats Are the New Vacation

Yoga retreats. Pilgrimage tours. Sacred sites. Ashram stays and wellness holidays and spa breaks. Has anyone else noticed that the way we travel is...

Sharee James
September 20 2012