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Going Plant-Based? We Found A Solution For Every Taste & Texture You're Afraid You'll Miss

Here's How To Do The Plant-Based Version Of All Your Favorite Tastes and textures.

January 23

I Used To Be Addicted To Cheese. Here's How I Gave Up Dairy And Transformed My Health

To say that I used to love cheese is an understatement. I was a high priestess of the church of cheese and payed fromage, er homage, to its holy...

Sarah Bivens
December 16 2015

Kraft Is Getting Rid Of The Artificial Coloring In Its Macaroni & Cheese

By the start of next year, the mac and cheese from your childhood may not give off that same mutant glow you so fondly remember.

Emi Boscamp
April 21 2015

Kraft Singles Somehow Got The First "Kids Eat Right" Seal

Who would have ever thought that Kraft singles — the individually wrapped, bright orange "cheese" product of our childhood — would ever be considered...

Emi Boscamp
March 18 2015

How To Ease Back Into A Healthy Life After Finishing A Cleanse

One of the biggest mistakes people make when detoxing is failing to transition back to normal eating gracefully, which can lead to extra weight gain...

Sarah Mae Ives
May 25 2014

Perfect Weekday Dinner: Gluten-Free Pizza

This gluten-free pizza is made with garbanzo bean flour which is high in protein and in fiber. It's quick and easy to prepare, perfect for an easy...

Anna Gannon
May 9 2014

If You're Tired Of Dieting, Please Read This!

Like many women over 40, I’ve experimented with a wide variety of weight-management strategies since my teens, including near-starvation, bingeing,...

Rebeca Plantier
May 8 2014

8 Foods People Think Are Healthy (But Aren't)

Between the mainstream media, the Food Pyramid, the gazillions of health blogs out there, and the premise that you can just walk into an organic store...

Jess Ainscough
May 8 2013

Why A Cheese-Lover's Dairy Allergy Wasn't The Apocalypse

I loved cheese. Sometimes I couldn’t even believe how much I loved cheese. I ate it every day. Not every meal, but probably every day. And all kinds...

Michelle Dwyer
March 13 2013

Home Alone? 5 Healthy Eating Strategies For The Single Gal

Full disclosure: I'm writing this as a married woman. But rest assured, I've spent my share of evenings (almost 15 years' worth) eating a bowl of...

Kristen Hallett Rzasa
March 1 2013

How I Overcame My Cheese Addiction and Became Vegan for Reals

I have a little confession to make. I had a hard time switching from being vegetarian to vegan. I share this with you dear reader, because many of you...

Heather Lounsbury
December 12 2012