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The 3 Personality Types Most Likely To Cheat (And The Most Common Reasons They Do It)

What kind of partner is most likely to cheat? We've got the answer.

Carmen McGuinness
September 1 2017

The Most Common Reasons Relationships Can't Withstand Infidelity

How do you deal with the hardest thing ever?

Rhonda Milrad
June 4 2017

My Husband Cheated On Me. Here's How I Recovered

"My own life was a dirty little secret, it was a lie, and it was a sham."

Sarah Rusca Cline
November 9 2016

6 Things I Wish I'd Known Before I Married A Cheater

"Cheating is not a mistake. Cheating is a choice."

Sarah Rusca Cline
October 5 2016

A 3-Step Routine For Processing Betrayal (And Walking Away Happier)

"Reconstituting our life after deep betrayal is an arduous task but, if done well, it can be extraordinarily transformational and empowering."

Dr. Jennifer Freed
August 31 2016

How To Tell If An Emotional Affair Is Wrecking Your Relationship

Seventy-two percent of men and women think an emotional affair is just as harmful to a relationship as a physical one.

Rhonda Milrad
July 27 2016