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Yoga Poses You Can Do While Binge-Watching Netflix

Lazing on the couch shouldn't feel like work, but it also shouldn't leave your body feeling terrible.

Francesca Bove
May 12 2016

How To Always Be In Alignment With Yourself

Yoga should always feel good.

Michael Taylor
February 27 2016

Why "Alignment" In Yoga Is Overrated

I’ve been thinking about the concept of alignment lately, how it’s understood and used in teaching and practicing yoga. Some examples of how people...

Sam Berlind
August 14 2015

How To Do The Best Triangle Pose You've Ever Done (Video)

I believe that all yoga postures can be modified to accommodate every body's needs — so that we can get the greatest number of benefits from a given...

Gigi Yogini
February 15 2015

How To Jump (Not Step) Forward From Downward Dog

I've never really liked the saying, "practice makes perfect."

Gigi Yogini
February 9 2015

2 Techniques To Get The Most Out Of Bridge Pose (Video)

Learning how to modify your physical practice of yoga a liberating feeling! And knowing how and when to use props like blocks can help you feel more...

Gigi Yogini
February 2 2015

How The Alexander Technique Healed My Chronic Pain

At some point in their lives, everyone will eventually experience pain due to compression. We'll seek help from doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists...

Mark Josefsberg
October 11 2014

5 Tips To Help You Maintain Proper Alignment

Anyone who's ever driven and maintained an automobile for an extended period of time has likely dealt with an alignment problem. The effects of a few...

Peter J. Braglia, D.C.
August 3 2013

A Little Drill to Help Your Posture

Finding your ideal anatomical posture can be difficult. We never really know what we look like unless we're looking in the mirror.

Hayley Hobson
October 16 2012

How to Transform Tension in Your Body

Tight and tense muscles can become contracted even when they aren't being utilized, and sometimes we don't even know it! Sometimes we feel it as...

Ruthie Streiter
October 14 2012