Hu Kitchen

Hu Kitchen

Hu, the lifestyle chocolate and snacking brand focused on helping people Get

Back To Human® by uniting ultra-simple ingredients with unbeatable taste,

introduces a new line of milk chocolate bars sure to delight longtime fans and

newcomers alike. Introducing: Hu Organic Grass-Fed Milk Chocolate bars. With a

commitment to simple, responsible ingredients that are better for people and the

planet, Hu debuts its first-ever milk chocolate bars in five delicious flavors

including: Hazelnut Butter + Crunchy Hazelnut; Cashew Butter; and Crunchy

Almond + Coconut Flakes, among others.

Hu (aka Hu Chocolate and pronounced “Hue” as in human) is one of the

fastest-growing snacking companies in the U.S. with a strict focus on simple,

highly-vetted, recognizable ingredients. Started in 2012 as fast-casual restaurant,

Hu Kitchen, co-founders and family members Jordan Brown, Jason Karp, and

Jessica Karp found personal inspiration along their individual health journeys

from alternative health + wellness strategies while searching for ways food can

heal and help people flourish. They decided to channel that enthusiasm into a

new paleo/primal food concept that set a new standard of quality. While

developing the Hu Kitchen menu for the Greenwich Village, New York flagship,

the co-founders struggled to find a delicious chocolate that met the restaurant’s

strict ingredient guardrails. So, they decided to develop their own. Today, the full

product line includes: Hu Dark Chocolate Bars; Hu Gems (baking and snacking

chocolates); Hu Hunks (chocolate-covered nut and fruit snacks); and Hu

Grain-Free Cookies and Crackers. Merging unbeatable nostalgic taste with

unmatched ingredient simplicity has been Hu’s goal since day one, helping their

eaters Get Back To Human ®

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