The One Wellness “Trend” That Was Totally Worth Years Of Experimenting

mbg Contributor By Cassandra Bodzak
mbg Contributor
Cassandra Bodzak is a holistic lifestyle expert, inspirational speaker, mentor, and author of Eat With Intention.

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As someone whose digestion took center stage of her health at the ripe old age of 21, I can tell you that I don't just put any old thing in this body of mine. Like so many, when I first embarked on my healing journey, I felt like I was constantly disappointed. Nothing is more frustrating than knowing that you don't feel your best, feeling horrible pains in your stomach and having everyone look at you like you're making it up because, "according to your blood tests, you are perfectly healthy."

Well, once I got fed up, I decided to take matters into my own hands and do some detective work. Mind you, this was over a decade ago, so the gluten allergies, food intolerances, and so many of the now commonplace health ailments were still not on the radar for the majority of the country. So, I went about things the old-fashioned way, and gasp, went to the library to read books about common food allergies that might cause the type of pain I was experiencing daily. I became a food-body detective, and since then, I've never stopped!

Like so many, when I first embarked on my healing journey, I felt like I was constantly disappointed.

I finally discovered my food allergies and got my health back in order. I accepted that I had a very sensitive digestive system. And so, years went by.

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The buzzy wellness "trend" that never felt right.

When I first heard about probiotics, I was instantly intrigued, although skeptical. Apparently these live microorganisms provide a wide variety of health benefits when consumed by improving and restoring our gut flora. It was enough to intrigue a girl with a high likelihood that her gut flora needed a little help, so I did a little research.

I found out that there were real food items that also contained these probiotic qualities like kimchi, sauerkraut, kefir, and kombucha, so naturally I played around with these items first. I love to go straight to food for healing, but unfortunately in this case, none of these foods felt good in my body. Hello, Miss Sensitive! I found myself bloated and uncomfortable yet still so curious about whether it was possible to rebalance my gut flora with probiotics.

So I went to my local health food store and asked the owner which probiotics they recommended. I tried them out, and much to my disappointment, the same thing happened: painful bloating and discomfort. It just didn't feel right. I asked around for friends' recommendations, I did more research, and three other probiotics later, I still hadn't found one that was working for my body. I threw my hands up in surrender and thought, "Well, maybe I'm just too far gone!"

I love to go straight to food for healing, but unfortunately in this case, none of these foods made me feel better.

My "aha" moment.

I retired my expedition for almost a year until a naturopathic doctor reminded me of the importance of gut health and how much a good probiotic could help some of the digestive issues that frequently pop up for me. She also reminded me that not all probiotics are created equal and that different strains are effective for different people and health needs. I was more determined than ever to find my perfect probiotic.

Image by Tamara Muth-King / Contributor

After reading up on various brands, I was instantly attracted to the Women's Formula from Solaray®'s new Mycrobiome® Probiotic line (they have seven unique formulas). I loved that this formula's strains specifically focused on vaginal health, positive mood, healthy metabolism, and urinary tract health. All of these things go hand in hand with gut health and were factors that I had experienced when my gut was in distress.

But the thing that caught my attention was the fact that Mycrobiome™ probiotics have a special Enteric Shield® technology protecting the capsules until they travel to the gut. Other probiotics can actually start dissolving in the stomach's acids before the beneficial bacteria even make it to your gut.

It was also really important to me that the Solaray® Probiotic Mycrobiome® strains are non-GMO and that the whole pill—even its enteric shield—is vegan, wheat-free, and soy-free and contained no artificial colors and preservatives.

Other probiotics can actually start dissolving in the stomach’s acids before the beneficial bacteria even make it to your gut.

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The result I hadn't expected.

Honestly, when I first started taking Solaray® Mycrobiome® Women's Formula, I wasn't sure what to expect; I was terrified that my sensitive body might still not respond. So you can imagine my delight when day after day, I was able to take my probiotic without any discomfort or bloating. It was a miracle in itself for me! After taking it for a few weeks, I can feel a difference and I'm a full-on convert—I love how it's helped my digestion as well as positively benefited my overall well-being.

When it comes to sensitivities, especially in the wellness space, I know I'm not alone. I'm sure lots of women (and men!) out there have been skeptical of probiotics or have perhaps even had some incompatible probiotic experiences. I want my story to remind you to keep trying, to seek out the absolute best for your body and find a probiotic that works for you. Your gut health is so important to your overall well-being that the search is worth your time and effort. The answer is out there, I promise.

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