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What Makes A Perfect Smoothie? It's Simpler Than You Think

Branded Content Editor
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We love a little experimental wellness as much as anyone, but sometimes it seems like the trends get ahead of themselves. Bouncing between cryotherapy and dopamine-fasting, we find ourselves dreaming of the good old-fashioned principles that inspired this journey in the first place—the straightforward wellness routines that leave us simply feeling good.

Nothing strengthens our wellness like revisiting the basics. No matter how far we venture into wellness, the fundamentals of healthy eating and exercise never lose their power. What better demonstrates this truth than a nutrient-packed smoothie? Smoothies are staples in most wellness routines because they're as yummy as they are convenient—and research reminds us that it's the simple, healthy habits that actually stick1.

But then it gets better. Smoothies just became even easier with the new blender-free Vega® Hello Wellness™ line with three delicious options to support your functional wellness, and we're here for it. Now more than ever we're convinced that smoothies will stand the test of time, so we're thinking this is the perfect occasion to discuss how to keep them simple and effective. Here's the scoop.

Image by Marc Tran / Stocksy

Keep it easy.

It's hard to get in our daily smoothie if we find ourselves without all of the ingredients and equipment typically needed for a smooth blend. This is where the Vega® Hello Wellness™ plant-based, blender-free smoothies step in. We're embracing the simplest option yet with these concoctions, made in three refreshingly easy steps: scoop, pour, and shake.

Get your energy boost.

Busy, creative lives call for top-notch nutrition— especially when we need it most. In Vega® Hello Wellness™ Spring in Your Step™, we're getting our energy from 100 mg of caffeine from organic coffee fruit extract (same as an 8-ounce cup of coffee) and 15 grams of plant-based protein. But it's the smooth vanilla cappuccino taste that really gets us going. Our morning ritual of coffee and a smoothie just combined in the best way—who says we can't multitask?

Say hello to a new head space.

Who isn't looking for a little mental boost these days? In the Vega® Hello Wellness™ It's a No Brainer™ smoothie, you get your raspberry blackberry flavor fix alongside 32 milligrams of omega-3 DHA (a fatty acid, and Vega's come from a plant-based algae source) per serving to help support brain health. You could spend your brainpower tinkering with your own recipe, or give this one a quick shake.

Find more of that gut feeling in your life.

Your gut helps keep your body healthy, so looking after it is pretty important. Sounds good, but you know what really makes our belly happy? The sound of a Choco Cinnamon Banana smoothie. Vega® Hello Wellness™ You've Got Guts™ has two billion CFU of probiotics, and it has 5 grams of prebiotic fiber to promote good gut bacteria and support gut health. Shaken with a little chilled almond milk, is this a smoothie or an ice-cold treat?

A case for convenience.

We've clocked a lot of hours trying to balance our smoothie recipes in terms of ease, nutrition, and taste. Learning about Vega® Hello Wellness™ blender-free smoothies, which help enhance our daily health needs, we remember that it's OK to simplify. Wellness sticks when it's effective, convenient, and enjoyable—and this trifecta is what the ideal smoothie should be.

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Devon Barrow
Branded Content Editor

Devon Barrow is a Branded Content Editor at mindbodygreen. She received her degree from the University of Colorado. When she's away from her desk, Devon is teaching yoga, writing poetry, meditating, and traveling the world. She's based in Boulder, Colorado.

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